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HSC English Practice Question Papers

HSC English Practice Question Papers – Download in PDF format

Std. XII English question paper is in fact 80 marks activity sheet. Students of Std. 12th has to deal with various activity sheets in the exam.

Here twelve activity sheets of 80 marks are given. They are useful for giving good practice to students.

Practice papers, such as activity sheets or past examination questions, play an essential role in a student’s preparation for exams, especially for significant assessments like the HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate) exams. Here’s why they are so important:

Opportunities for Self-Assessment

Practice papers allow students to evaluate their own knowledge and understand where they stand in their exam preparation. They can identify areas of strength and weakness and focus their studies accordingly.

Familiarity with Exam Format

These papers provide students with the chance to become familiar with the structure and format of the exam. Students will know the exact format of the HSC board activity sheet and they will score maximum marks in the exam.

Various resourceful teachers have set these activity sheets. They are useful for the preparation of HSC board exam.

Do use them.

1) Activity Sheet No. 1 Set by Prof. Tushar Chavan

Rashtriya Junior College, 


Dist. Jalgaon

2) Activity Sheet Set by Prof. Waghmare Tanaji 

Patwardhan Junior College, Ratnagiri

3) Activity Sheet Set by Prof. Maikel R. Borkar

Janata Junior College, Nagbhir Dist. Chandrapur

4) Activity Sheet Set No.1 by Prof. K.R.Biradar

Download the Word file of the activity sheet

5) Activity Sheet Set No. 2 by Prof. K. R. Biradar

Download activity sheet in word format-

6) Activity Sheet Set No. 1 by Prof. Avinash Shintre

Lokmanya Tilak Vidyamandir and Jr. College, 

Chikhalgaon Tal. Dapoli

Dist. Ratnagiri

7) Activity Sheet Set No. 1 by Prof. Sunil Patil

SSP’s Knowledge Hub

Model Answer Sheet – by Prof. Sunil Patil

Download the model Answer Sheet by Prof. Sunil Patil

8) Activity Sheet Set  by Tilak Highschool and Jr. College, Karad

9) Activity Sheet Set  by Prof. Sayeed Saipan Solapure 

Rajabahu Mone Jr. College, Goregaon

10) Activity Sheet Set No. 2 by Prof. Sunil Patil

SSP’s Knowledge Hub

11) Activity Sheet Set by Prof. Sopan Vikram Mandal

New English School and Jr. College, Vasai 

12) Activity Sheet Set No. 2 by Prof. Avinash Shintre

New English School and Jr. College, 

Talsure Tal. Dapoli

Dist. Ratnagiri

13) Activity Sheet – S.V.V.M.Jr. College Wada by Prof. Dhakane

14) Activity Sheet – Shriram Education Society Phaltan Jr. College

15) Activity Sheet – New English School and Jr. College, Vasai

16) Activity Sheet – Prelim – 1 Examination Committee, Aurangabad

17) Activity Sheet – Prelim – 2 Examination Committee, Aurangabad

18) Practice Activity Sheet – DRK College of Commerce, Kolhapur

See More-

1) HSC Board Sept.2021 Activity Sheet

2) HSC Board March 2022 Prose section

3) HSC Board March 2022 Poetry Section

4) HSC Board March 2022 Novel Section

5) Std. XII – First Term Exam Activity Sheet

6) Std. XII – Practice Unit Tests

7) बारावी बोर्ड परीक्षेची इंग्रजी विषयाची तयारी कशी करावी – लेख वाचा

19) Practice Activity Sheet – Set by: Prof. Jenold Misquitta

20) Practice Activity Sheet – Set by: Prof. Marbale Y.V.

For more activity sheets with model answers, do buy the following book-

Get the Std XII Activity Work Book by post or courier directly from the author:

Prof. Tushar Chavan


Send money by Google Pay or Phone Pe to 9850737199

Price Rs. 380+ Postage / Courier Rs. 50 = Rs. 430

Send Address on Whats App to 9850737199

Importance of Activity Workbook for students.

Practice papers, such as activity sheets or useful questions contained in activity workbooks, are crucial tools in a student’s exam preparation, offering numerous benefits that can greatly enhance their academic performance, particularly in crucial assessments like the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) exams. The importance of an activity workbook for students includes:

The new evaluation pattern is activity based. It is essential that students should get ample practice of various activity sheets. It will boost their confidence to deal with the activities and they will get maximum marks in the exam.

Features of the book-

1) Good simple templates are given for the other written communication activities. Students can use them in the board exam.

2) Most of the books in the market do not provide the other written communication examples. Here they are included with answers.

3) Oral test paper is also added to take practice of the oral exam.

4) Model First term Exam Activity and Annual Exam Activity Sheet are now added. They give good knowledge of the new pattern.

5) Activity sheet pattern for the First Term Exam and Annual (Board) Exam are also added.

6) More examples are included in Writing Skill topics.

7) Guidelines are given in both English and Marathi for writing the answers of Writing Skill topics.

8) Good templates are given for e-mail and blog writing.

9) All the activities are given as per the new activity sheet pattern.

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