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Uses of Big Data:

Location Tracking :

1) Information about traffic jams.

2) Information about accident prone areas.

3) Enables us to make wiser choices of routes to save time.

4) Checking the status of a product we ordered online by tracking its location.

Understanding the Weather Patterns :

1) Help scientists to use the data collected from satellites to understand patterns of weather change.

2) Helps to predict the possibilities of natural calamities like floods, tsunamis etc.

Health Care Industry :

1) Health data is saved in devices like smart watches that we wear or even in the applications in our smart phones which function as our mini biomedical research devices.

2) They keep our record of our blood sugar levels, sleeping patterns, heart rates or even the number of steps we walk in a day.

3) This enables one to better understand individual health status.

4) This data is also of valuable to pharmaceutical companies to start research based on the health data of a huge population.

Banking, Finance and Trading :

1) The data of customers’ investments helps banks and finance companies to offer investment plans accordingly.

2) Big data makes functioning of the operations of banks smoothly.

3) It helps in preventing cyber-crimes and frauds.

4) Similar fraudulent activities can also be traced in the financial markets by monitoring the collected data.

Sports :

1) The data of each player in a cricket or football match is very useful to the player to understand on one’s performance.

2) This history of one’s performance on the ground helps the entire team.

3) The sports equipment are potential sources of useful data because they are now fitted with sensors.

4) The data of various videos recorded during a match is helpful as the clippings can be later used for Data analytics to track even the minutest movements of the players.

Advertising :

1) Big Data has proved a boon for advertising companies.

2) An individual’s history of online purchases or even Google searches help the advertising companies to run targeted campaigns.

Entertainment and Media :

1) A record of what kind of video content we watch on YouTube or even Netflix is maintained.

2) This also helps the Entertainment industry to analyse which shows get better viewership.

Education Industry :

1) The Education industry knows just as well how to benefit from Big Data.

2) A record of students’ study and educational aids help the Education industry.

3) This makes it possible to design course material as per the need of students.

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