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HSC February 2024 Writing Skill

HSC February 2024 Writing SkillActivities and Answers

SECTION – III (Writing Skills)

Q. 4. Complete the activities as per the instructions given below:[16]

(A) Attempt ‘Any One’ of the following activities: (4)

21 Feb. 2024
7 a.m.
Dear Papa,

Unfortunately, I missed my college bus so I couldn’t reach college in time. I have an entrance test today and I can’t afford to miss it. I need your bike to go to college. Using your bike, I can appear for my entrance test at the scheduled time.
I’m really sorry for the inconvenience, and I appreciate your understanding.

21 Feb. 2024
7 a.m.
Hi Dad,  
I hope you’re doing well on your morning walk. I am sorry to bother you, but something unexpected happened this morning. I missed the college bus, and I have an entrance test today that I can’t afford to miss. I know you usually use your bike for your morning routine, but if it’s possible, could I get it just for today? I promise to be careful and return it as soon as I’m back.  
I’m really sorry for the inconvenience, and I appreciate your understanding.  


24 Feb 2024, 
7:35 am  
Dear Papa,
I hope you are now back from your morning walk. I missed my college bus. I have an entrance test today. So, I have to use your bike to get there. Don’t worry, I’ll be careful.  

Hi Dad,
I hope your morning walk is going well. I missed the college bus and have an entrance test today. Could I please use your bike to get there on time? I’ll be careful. Thank you so much!  


Feb, 21
7 a.m.

Hi Dad,  

I hope you’re doing well. I’m really sorry to bother you during your morning walk, but I missed the college bus and I have my entrance test today. Could you please let me borrow your bike? I promise to be careful. Your support means everything to me.  


6:30 am  

Hello Pappa,
I hope you’re enjoying your morning walk. I’m in a bit hurry, today I missed the college bus and I have my entrance test today. Would it be possible for me to borrow your bike? I promise to be careful.
Thank you so much!  

21 February 2024
7:30  a.m.

Hi Dad,
I hope you’re enjoying your morning walk. I missed the college bus and I have an entrance test today. Can I please borrow your bike? I’ll be careful and return it promptly. Thanks so much! –  


7.00 am  

My dear Dad,

Actually, I missed my college bus today. I have to appear for an entrance test in the college. I need your bike. You have gone for a morning walk so I can’t meet you. That is why I am writing this note for you.
Sorry for your inconvenience.  


Feb. 21, 2024
6.50 a.m.

I missed my college bus and as I have my entrance test today, I need to reach in time. So, I am taking your bike. Sorry for the inconvenience.


21st Feb.
6:00 am

Hi Dad,

Hope your walk is going well. I missed my college bus and I have an entrance test today. Could I please borrow your bike? It’s urgent, and I promise to handle it responsibly. I’m sorry as I have to take your bike in your absence. I’ll bring it back safely.  

Your Lovely Daughter,

6.15 a.m
Dear Papa,         

I woke up early in the morning as usual and prepared well to go to college. But before I reached the stop, the bus had left. I have to arrive in time to appear for my entrance test being held at 7.30 a.m. I need your bike urgently. Please allow me to use your bike.  


Dear Father,

I have missed my regular morning college bus. I have to appear for my entrance test today, so I need your bike to reach college in time. It’s urgent so you can understand the problem.


7 a.m.

Dear Daddy,
I happened to wake up little late today as I was preparing for my entrance exam till late night. I came to the bus stop and learnt that the bus is already gone. I am going by bike. Inconvenience regretted. Will be back by 12.00. Regards.

25th Feb. 2024
7.30 am

Dear Pappa,
I know you are going for morning walk. Today I missed the college bus. I am going to appear an entrance test which will be held at our college. I am getting late. I need your bike so that I could reach the college in time. Sorry for the trouble. I will use the bike carefully.


(ii) Imagine, after your HSC, you wish to pursue a degree in ‘Bachelors in Communication Skills,’ in a reputed university in India or abroad.

Prepare a ‘statement of purpose’ (SOP) in about 150 words which will help you to get admission in your dream university.

SOP – Bachelors in Communication Skill (Click to see Answer)


(iii) Imagine, your class has attended a guest lecture on “Career Development.” Write the group discussion in the form of dialogues associated with this lecture among 3 to 4 student participants.

(B) Attempt Any One’ of the following activities:  (4)

Compose:Search Mail:——————-




More Labels
Subject: Request for Apprenticeship Opportunity
Respected Sir,  
I hope this email finds you well. My name is Arnav Patil, and I am writing to express my sincere interest in securing an apprenticeship opportunity with ‘Endross Internationals’.  

Having closely followed the work and ethos of ‘Endross Internationals’, I am inspired by the innovative projects and the commitment to excellence demonstrated by your team. As a recent graduate eager to walk on a career path aligned with my aspirations, I believe that an apprenticeship with your esteemed company would provide me with invaluable experience and mentorship.  

Throughout my academic journey, I have cultivated a strong foundation in Machine Designing, and I am eager to apply and further develop these skills in a professional setting.  

I am confident that my dedication, enthusiasm, and willingness to learn make me a suitable candidate for an apprenticeship position at your Company.  

I would be grateful for the opportunity to discuss how I can contribute to your team and learn from your expertise further.  

Thank you for considering my application.  

Warm regards,  

Arnav Patil
 Reply                                        Forward


(ii) Imagine your class attended a session on “How to win?” conducted by an expert speaker. Write a report on the session especially the relevant points in about 150 words.

Report of the Session – How to Win? (Click Here to see the answer)


(ii) Imagine you have to conduct an interview of a ‘Famous Actor. With the help of the format given below, draft questions on the given fields.

(Do not change the sequence of the questions.)

Name of the 
Duration of Interview 
based on
 1. Motivation 
 2. Initial Preparation 
 3. Support 
 4. Idols/Gurus / Teachers 
 5. First Break 
 6. Public response 
 7. Recognition 
 8. Goals/Dreams 

Interview Questions for Famous Actor (Click Here to get Answer)

See activity No. 5

Name of the 
Madhuri Dixit
21 Feb.
Hotel Taj
Duration of Interview40 Min. 
based on
 1. MotivationMotivation is important in life to choose career.
Who motivated you to become as actor? 
 2. Initial PreparationPreperation makes us perfect.
What did you do before entering the film industry?
 3. SupportSupport in life helps us to achive targets.
Whose support do you get to achieve your set goals? 
 4. Idols/Gurus / TeachersIdols inspires us to do great work.
Whom do you consider as your idol in your acting career?
 5. First BreakTo get first chace is very important in film industry.
Which your first role in a film?
 6. Public responsePublic response motivates every actor.
Do get get good public response while showing your performance in various films? 
 7. RecognitionEvery actor has any unique character which gives him or her special recognition.
Which role do you think as special in your life?
 8. Goals/DreamsDreams makes us active.
What do you say about your dream as an actor? 

(C) Attempt ‘Any One’ of the following activities: (4)

(i) Imagine you are preparing for an elocution competition and you wish to speak on the topic ‘Green Revolution.” Draft a speech in about 150 words on the given topic.

Topic:- Green Revolution.

Good morning, everyone. Honourable chairperson, respected judges, respected teachers, and my dear friends! As a participant of this  elocution competition, I would like to speak on the topic,’ Green Revolution’.

Friends!  You might have heard the words like Industrial Revolution, Political Revolution, White Revolution and Green Revolution. What is Revolution? Yes, it means  a great change often as a result of progress. And what is the Green Revolution? Right. Green Revolution means the change in agriculture. It is associated with agricultural production. It resulted in increased production of food grains.(Especially, wheat and rice)

Well, friends, can you tell me the name of a person who used the term Green Revolution, first? Yes, it was used by William S. Gaud from the U.S. While Norman Borlaug is called the father of Green  Revolution in the world.

Friends, I think, you know the father of Indian Green Revolution. Correct. Monkomb Sambasivan Swaminathan (M. S. Swaminathan).

Friends, we all know that our country is an agricultural country .In the past, farming  was being done in a traditional manner i.e. ploughing, cultivating ,harvesting  were done manually. Our Indian agriculture depends on the monsoon. There is no guarantee of rain. So, there is no guarantee of yielding. That’s why Indian agriculture is called the gamble on monsoon. Most of the people died of famine.

But now the situation is quite different. Most of the work of farming is being done with the help of machines like tractors, harvesters, Cultivators and so on. There are many hybrid seeds that give more yielding. Green Revolution increased the availability and use of fertilizers, weedicides, pesticides, sprays to reduce the damage or loss of the crops.

Friends, everything has two sides, good and bad. Likewise, the Green Revolution also has two sides i.e.  advantages and disadvantages. Its benefits are, it reduces  greenhouse gas emission and it has helped to reduce the occurrence of famine and malnutrition. But it has some disadvantages such as soil degradation due to the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers or irrigation, water pollution, health problems due to pesticides, increase mosquito borne disease, reduce ground water level etc.

Friends, on seeing the advantages and disadvantages, we come to know that disadvantages are much more than the advantages. Anyway, it’s today’s need. So, we should look at it positively as it increases the production of food grains to feed the increasing population.

Friends, I hope you understood the concept of Green Revolution. We have to change ourselves as per the  present situation. So, be positive, think positive.

Have a good day!

Thank you.


Topic:- Green Revolution.

Honourable chief guest, respected teachers and my dear friends! Today I’m going to deliver a speech on the topic “Green Revolution”. ‘Green revolution’ refers to a period of significant agricultural advancements that took place in the mid-20th century, primarily in the 1960s and 70s. It was a time when new technologies and farming practices were introduced to increase food production and address the global food crisis.

During this period, scientists and researchers developed and promoted high-yielding varieties of crops, such as wheat and rice. These new crop varieties were more resistant to diseases, pests, and environmental conditions, resulting in higher yields. Additionally, modern irrigation methods, like the use of sprinklers and drip irrigation, were implemented to ensure efficient water usage and maximize crop growth.

Chemical fertilizers also played a crucial role in the Green Revolution. They provided essential nutrients to the soil, boosting crop productivity. Farmers were encouraged to use these fertilizers to replenish soil nutrients and achieve better yields.

The Green Revolution had a profound impact on agriculture and food production. It helped to alleviate hunger, increase food security, and improve the livelihoods of millions of people around the world. By increasing crop yields, it made it possible to feed a growing global population.

However, it’s important to note that the Green Revolution also had some negative consequences. The intensive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides led to environmental concerns, such as soil degradation and water pollution. Additionally, the focus on high-yielding varieties led to a loss of crop diversity and a decline in traditional farming practices.

Overall, the Green Revolution was a significant turning point in agricultural history. It demonstrated the power of scientific advancements and innovation in addressing global food challenges. Today, we continue to build upon the achievements of the Green Revolution, striving for sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices to ensure food security for future generations.

I conclude my speech, Thank you…!!

Topic:- Green Revolution.

Honourable Judges, teachers and my dear friends!

Today, I stand before you to shed light on the transformative phenomenon known as the Green Revolution. The Green Revolution, which unfolded in the mid-20th century, marked a crucial turning point in agriculture, spearheading innovations that significantly increased food production.

Characterized by the adoption of high-yielding crop varieties, advanced agricultural practices, and the widespread use of fertilizers and pesticides, the Green Revolution aimed to address the pressing issue of global food scarcity. The vision was clear: to enhance agricultural productivity and alleviate hunger on a global scale.

India experienced remarkable increase in crop yields. M.S. Swaminathan know as the father of Green Revolution was an architect and pioneer in the beginning of Green Revolution in India. Wheat, rice, and maize, among others, flourished, lifting millions out of poverty and ensuring a more secure food supply. The Green Revolution not only increased food production but also catalyzed economic growth in many developing nations.

However, it is crucial to acknowledge both the successes and challenges associated with this agricultural transformation. While the Green Revolution contributed to feeding a growing population, it also posed environmental concerns. Excessive use of chemical inputs led to soil degradation, water pollution, and a loss of biodiversity. This prompts us to reflect on the need for sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practices.

As we stand at the intersection of progress and environmental stewardship, it becomes imperative to forge a path forward that combines the lessons learned from the Green Revolution with a commitment to sustainable agriculture. Embracing technology, precision farming, and agroecological approaches can pave the way for a new green paradigm that not only ensures food security but also safeguards our planet for future generations.

In conclusion, the Green Revolution undeniably played a pivotal role in reshaping the landscape of global agriculture. Yet, as we navigate the challenges of the 21st century, let us strive for a new era of agricultural innovation—one that harmonizes productivity with environmental sustainability. Together, we can cultivate a greener and more resilient future for our planet.

Thank you.

Topic:- Green Revolution.

Respected judges, Principal, teachers and my competitors like shining stars in the sky. Very pleasant and warm good morning to one and all presented over here in the Brri. P.G. Patil Auditorium of KBP College, Vashi, Navi-mumbai.

Today, I stand before you to shed light on a pivotal moment in agricultural history – the Green Revolution. Born out of necessity to combat hunger and poverty, this movement transformed agriculture on a global scale.

The Green Revolution introduced high-yielding crop varieties, modern farming techniques, and increased the use of fertilizers and pesticides. Its impact was profound, significantly boosting food production and averting widespread famine.

However, as we celebrate its successes, we must also acknowledge its challenges. Environmental degradation, soil depletion, and dependence on chemical inputs pose significant threats to sustainability.

Therefore, as stewards of the earth, it is our responsibility to steer the Green Revolution towards a greener and more sustainable future. Embracing organic farming practices, promoting biodiversity, and harnessing technology for precision agriculture are crucial steps in this journey.

Let us pledge to honor the legacy of the Green Revolution by cultivating not just crops, but a harmonious relationship with nature. Together, let’s sow the seeds of a greener tomorrow.
Thank you very much for your listening patiently.


(ii) Imagine you are given the responsibility to ‘compere’ a programme by your college authorities. You need to prepare your script on the programme titled ‘Cultural Fest 2024. Draft the script to decide the flow of the programme. You may take help of the given points.

—- Prayer

—- Lighting of the lamp

—- Introduction

—- Felicitation

—- Cultural Fest Programme

—- Speech of the Chief Guest

—- Presidential address

—- Prize distribution

—- Vote of thanks


(iii) Expand the following idea with the help of the points given below (100 to 150 words):

‘Manners Maketh Man’

Essential Virtues

—- Politeness

—- Speech, tone, gestures and action

—- To be courteous and amiable

See answer in Activity No.1 (Click Here)

(D) Attempt ‘Any One’ of the following activities: (4)

(i) You have recently read a famous book/magazine. Write a ‘Review’ on the same with the help of the following points:

—- Title, front page, back page

—- Language, features, contents

—- Pictures, quality, presentation

—- Values, vision and variety

Book Review (Click Here to see answer)


(ii) Write a ‘Blog’ in a proper format on ‘Body Language’ with the help of the following points (100 to 150 words):

• Meaning and features.

• Characteristics and scope

• Benefits/Importance

• Uses/Ways to utilize


(iii) Prepare an ‘Appeal’ on the topic “Traffic Rules for Safety Measures’ with the help of the following points (100 to 150 words):

• Ignorance and lack of knowledge and information

• Purpose/need of obeyance

• Avoid accidents/need of society

• Discipline

Attention All Drivers and Pedestrians!  
Are you aware that ignorance of traffic rules can lead to serious accidents?
Don’t risk your safety or that of others due to lack of knowledge.
It’s crucial to understand and follow traffic rules for the safety of everyone on the road.
Obeying traffic rules is not just a requirement, it’s a necessity to avoid accidents and maintain order in society.
Let’s prioritize safety and discipline on the roads.
Together, we can ensure smoother traffic flow and prevent unnecessary mishaps.  
Stay informed, stay safe!
Obey traffic rules for a better, safer tomorrow.
Drive Safe.
Follow Traffic Rules.🙏

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