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Change the Degree

Change the Degree

1) Positive Degree –

a) Use of as- – – – as or so – – -as.

b) Adjective is in first form.

c) Use of no other or very few.


1) Raju is as tall as his wife.

2) No other boy is boy is as tall as Raju.

3) Very few boys are as tall as Raju.

2) Comparative Degree –

a) Use of ‘than’.

b) Adjective is in second form.

c) Use of any other or most other.


1) His wife is not taller than Raju.

2) Raju is taller than any other boy.

3) Raju is taller than most other boys.

3) Superlative Degree –

a) Use of ‘the’ or ‘one of the’.

b) Adjective is in third form.


1) Raju is the tallest boy.

2) Raju is one of the tallest boys.

General Rules –

1) For superlative degree there is need of comparison in between one and many.

2) The sentence of comparative degree and superlative degree start with same subject and verb.

3) The sentence of positive degree starts with last subject.

Degree forms –

1) Positive + er and est


2) Positive ending ‘Y’ + ier and iest


3) Positive ending ‘e’ + r and st


4) Positive + double the consonant with er and est


5) Positive + more / less and most / lest

BeautifulMore/ Less beautifulMost/Lest Beautiful
QualifiedMore/ Less qualifiedMost/Lest qualified
PromptMore / Less promptMost / Lest prompt
ProperMore / Less properMost / Lest proper

6) Separate words –


(A) Comparison in between two – (Change the Degree)


1) Ram is as tall as Seeta

Ans- Seeta is not taller than Ram.

2) I am richer than Raju.

Ans- Raju is not as rich as I (am).

3) They are not as clever as he.

Ans- He is cleverer than They (are).

4) We are not stronger than his brother.

Ans- His brother is as strong as we.

B) Change the degree using words –

Any other – No other – The

Rules for how to Change the Degree-

1) Beginning of the comparative degree and superlative is the same. 

2) For positive degree take the last subject of comparative or superlative degree after no other and begin the sentence.


1) Ram is cleverer than any other boy.

Ans- No other boy is as clever as Ram.

Ans- Ram is the cleverest boy.

2) England is the coldest country.

Ans- England is colder than any other country.

Ans- No other country is as cold as England.

3) No other animal is as large as the elephant.

Ans- The elephant is larger than any other animal.

Ans- The elephant is the largest animal.

4) Pune is the cleanest city of Maharashtra.

Ans- Pune is cleaner than any other city of Maharashtra.

Ans- No other city of Maharashtra is as clean as Pune.

5) She is the most beautiful girl.

Ans- She is more beautiful than any other girl.

Ans- No other girl is as beautiful as she.

C) Change the degree using the words-

Most other – Very few – One of the


1) Ram is one of the tallest boys in the class.

Ans- Ram is taller than most other boys in the class.

Ans- Very few boys in the class are as tall as Ram.

2) She was more beautiful than most other girls in the college.

Ans- Very few girls in the college were as beautiful as she.

Ans- She is the most beautiful girl in the college.

3) Very few physical factors are as important as temperature.

Ans- Temperature is more important than most other physical factors.

Ans- Temperature is one of the most important physical factors.

4) Pune is cooler than most other cities.

Ans- Pune is one of the coolest cities.

Ans- Very few cities are as cool as Pune.

5) It was the one of the best decisions I ever made.

Ans- It was better than most other decisions I ever made.

Ans- Very few decisions I ever made were as good as it was.

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