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Mrs Adis – Std. XI

Title: Mrs Adis

The title ‘Mrs Adis’ gives us an idea that the story belongs to the central character whose name is Mrs. Adis. She may be the dominant character of the story. The title makes readers eager to know about this lady.


This story is about a peasant woman who finds a desperate young man at her doorstep. He was requesting her to give him protection from the guards. He had been stealing animals on the nearby estate, and in panic, had killed one person. So, he needed a place to hide for some time. He wanted to escape from that place. Whether she gives him place to hide or not and what happens at the end is really worth to know.

Ice Breakers Activities:

1) If you meet any stranger who has a villainous look, you feel——


I feel –





2) The feelings of a person when he commits a mistake are—–


a) He tries to justify it.

b) He tries to conceal it.

c) He tries to influence others blaming the circumstances.

d) He becomes attacker.

e) He pretends to be innocent.

f) He tries to blame others for the mistake.

g) He feels guilty for committing the mistake.

h) He feels angry for having committed the mistake.

i) He feels sad for his mistake.

3) The person who makes a mistake or commits crime should be punished because—-


a) he should not do the same mistake again.

b) it would ensure that the victim of the crime receives justice.

c) he would repent about his mistake.

d) it would help him transform himself into a better person.

e) it would assert that the society is governed by law and order.

f) it would make him understand his mistake.

g) others would get a lesson from his example.

h) it would bring him a good change.

i) it would prevent others to do such mistakes.

Do solve the Unit Test on Mrs Adis


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Online lectures on Mrs Adis


Prof. Tushar Chavan

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Dist. Jalgaon 

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Second Lecture:- on Mrs Adis

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