Indian Weavers

Poem: Indian Weavers

          The title ‘Indian Weavers’ focuses over Indian artisans particularly weavers. It is written by Sarojini Naidu. It is a short poem consisting of three stanzas having four lines each. The poet tells about three types of dresses that the Indian weavers weave at three particular times of the day. Metaphorically the dress weaved in the specific time of day symbolises a particular stage of life.

New words:

1) Weaving – interlacing threads to produce fabrics or cloth

2) Break of day – morning, dawn, sunrise

3) Halcyon – Asian/African kingfisher bird

4) Wild – untamed, free

5) Robe – dress, clothe, frock, dressing gown, housecoat

6) Plumes – feathers of bird, quills

7) Marriage-veils – bridal veils, wedding veils ( Hindi – Chunari ), bridal gown, specially to cover face

8) Solemn – serious, sober

9) Still – rest, stable, silent

10) Chill – extreme cool

11) Funeral – burial, cremation, last rites 

12) Shroud – white cloth for dead body

13) Fall of night- late evening

14) Bright garments- brightly (shining) colored garments

15) Solemn and still- sacred, serious, quiet

16) Moonlight chill- cold dead night

17) Gay – with happiness or with fun


          The poem ‘Indian Weavers’ is in the form of a dialogue between the poetess and the weavers. The poetess presents a common picture of weavers’ routine work. Through this work, she compares the three main phases of human life – childhood, adulthood and old age. Here, we find a beautiful symphony of colours of the garments, the wings of birds and phases of human life.


The poem ‘Indian Weavers’ highlights the craft and skill of Indian weavers. The poetess has very nicely presented three phases of life. The life cycle is befittingly depicted from the work of weavers. 

It reminds a Classic Marathi song-

‘एक धागा सुखाचा, शंभर धागे दुःखाचे.

जरतारी हे वस्त्र मानवा, तुझिया आयुष्याचे’

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  1. Presentation is very good. New words meanings are very useful.
    Paraphrase is easy to understand the poet’s inner meaning.
    Useful information for students and teachers.


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