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What is a Group Discussion?

A group discussion is a formal discussion conducted on a topic among a group of ten to twelve participants.

समूह चर्चा म्हणजे दहा ते बारा सहभागींच्या गटामध्ये एखाद्या विषयावर आयोजित केलेली औपचारिक चर्चा.

The participants analyse the topic from their respective angles and present their views and opinions.

सहभागी आपापल्या दृष्टीकोणातून विषयाचे विश्लेषण करतात आणि त्यांची मते मांडतात.

The group is given a topic. They contemplate on it for a few minutes and then start discussions.

गटाला एक विषय दिला जातो. ते त्यावर काही मिनिटे चिंतन करतात आणि मग चर्चा सुरू करतात.

The discussion is usually for ten to fifteen minutes.

चर्चा साधारणपणे दहा ते पंधरा मिनिटांची असते.

Experts listen to the members and evaluate them.

तज्ञ सदस्यांचे म्हणणे ऐकून त्यांचे मूल्यांकन करतात.

Importance of group discussion:

1) Group Discussions are one of the effective interactive methods of classroom learning.

गटचर्चा ही वर्गात शिकण्याच्या प्रभावी संवादात्मक पद्धतींपैकी एक आहे.

2) They are used to select candidates for different courses or for jobs by employers.

गट चर्चा वेगवेगळ्या अभ्यासक्रमांसाठी किंवा नोकरीसाठी उमेदवार निवडण्यासाठी वापरले जाते.

3) They are used to gauge whether a candidate possesses certain skills required for pursuing a particular course or a job that involves working in groups, giving opinions and solve problems together to achieve common goals.

उमेदवाराकडे विशिष्ट अभ्यासक्रमासाठी आवश्यक असलेली काही कौशल्ये आहेत की नाही हे मोजण्यासाठी गट चर्चां चा वापर केला जातो तसेच समान उद्दिष्टे साध्य करण्यासाठी गटांमध्ये काम करणे, मते देणे आणि समस्या एकत्रितपणे सोडवणे यासाठी पण गट चर्चां चा वापर होतो.

4) The candidates are tested for their knowledge and communication skills as well as their ability to work as a part of a group and to lead other towards conclusions and solutions.

गट चर्चां मधून उमेदवारांची त्यांच्या ज्ञानाची आणि संभाषण कौशल्याची तसेच गटाचा एक भाग म्हणून काम करण्याची आणि इतरांना निष्कर्ष आणि उपायांकडे नेण्याच्या क्षमतेसाठी चाचणी केली जाते.

5) One should be able to use his understanding of a subject to give opinions on it and support his ideas with logical arguments.

गट चर्चां मध्ये प्रत्येकाला एखाद्या विषय समजून त्यावर मते मांडता आली पाहिजेत आणि तार्किक युक्तिवादाने त्याच्या कल्पनांचे समर्थन करता आले पाहिजे.

6) Since communication is a two-way process, it is important that besides speaking, one listens to the participants in the group discussion and respond to their ideas or take them forward.

संवाद ही दुतर्फा प्रक्रिया असल्याने, बोलण्याव्यतिरिक्त, एखाद्याने समूह चर्चेतील सहभागींचे ऐकणे आणि त्यांच्या कल्पनांना प्रतिसाद देणे किंवा त्यांना पुढे नेणे हेही महत्वाचे असते.

7) In the exam students have to write imaginary dialogues of the given participants on the given topic.

परीक्षेत विद्यार्थ्यांना दिलेल्या विषयावर प्रश्नात दिलेल्या सहभागींचे काल्पनिक संवाद लिहावे लागतात.

Activity No. 1

HSC Board Activity Sheet- Year 2021

You along with your friends Sujit, Rohit and Kishor discussing their likes and dislikes. But all are fascinated with the reading habit. Write a short group discussion in the form of dialogue telling the importance of reading for enhancing knowledge.


I: Friends! Today we are here to discuss about the topic- ‘Importance of reading for enhancing knowledge’. Let me know who will share views first.

Sujit: Its me. I agree with the view that reading is important for enhancing knowledge. Reading is a continuous source of getting knowledge. Reading of stories or novels give us the picture of society. Reading of history presents the past before our eyes. We get knowledge of various things from books.

Rohit: I do agree with Sujit. Books are our friends, guide, reporters and entertainers. They not only give us knowledge of different things but also tell the way of living a social life. We can increase our understanding reading various books.

Kishor: Excuse me. Could I add something, please?

I: Yes. Go ahead.

Kishor: Reading definitely enhances our knowledge. No doubt about it. But we should be careful about what we are going to read. We should not choose the books having wrong and baseless thoughts. They can create prejudice in our minds. So, select good quality books. They will help us to enhance our knowledge.

I: Yes. Kishor has put forth good point. We should read good quality books which provide worth knowledge. I also agree with you all. Reading is essential to get valuable information, experience and knowledge of human life. Thanks to all for participating in the discussion.

Activity No. 2

Sept. 2021- HSC Board Exam- Activity:

Group Discussion:

You and your three friends (John, Irfan and Ravina) are selected as a team for group discussion for a reputed T.V. channel. The topic of discussion is ‘Importance of English literature’. Write suitable dialogues for each participant giving his/her opinion on the topic.


I: Welcome all at the Start Edu-Tech TV channel. We are here to discuss about ‘Importance of English Literature’. Let’s start our discussion. First of all, I would like to invite John to share views.

John: Thank you. English literature is important as it uses the language of international communication. English has become the most common global language and has a big role in every human’s life aspect. English literature is rich in diversity and innovative ideas. Many writers help to contribute English literature. It has a long history and tradition. English literature helps us to understand the global trends and thinking. So, it is essential to study English literature.

I: Yes. I agree. Now Irfan, what are your views about ‘Importance of English Literature’?

Irfan: I do agree with John. I would like to add more things. English Literature has given contemporary traditions and ways of living. It has given great dramas, novels, short stories and essays. They provide entertainment as well as show the thinking of the society. English literature enhances our knowledge of the world.

Ravina: Good point put forth by Irfan. I appreciate it. English literature is important as it gives you access to multiple cultures. It helps to develops a habit of critical thinking. Many women writers give the thought of feminism through their literature and arouse the women of the world. English literature also connects us with world history.

I: I also agree with you all that English literature is important for all. It helps us to become global. We get knowledge of various subjects. Most of the resources of the world are available in English literature.

Thanks to all for sharing views with the audience of Start Edu-Tech TV channel.

Activity: Have a group discussion on the following topics: – 

  1. Clean India
  2. Role of ICT in education
  3. The need of soft skills at workplace

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Activity No. 3

There is an inter-school cricket match and your school is losing. As you are the captain, have a group discussion with your teammates in the tea- break about the strategy to be followed to save your school from losing the match. Give at least four/five suggestions.

Captain: Alright, team, gather around. We’ve got some work to do to turn this match around. We’ve analyzed the first innings, and it’s clear we’re not in the best position. Let’s use this tea break wisely to discuss our strategy for the second innings. Who wants to share views now?

Batsman 1: I think we need to be more mindful of our shot selection. The pitch is playing a bit tricky, and we’ve lost wickets to some unnecessary shots. Let’s focus on building partnerships and playing more conservatively in the initial overs.

Bowler 1: I agree with you. When we start the bowling, we need to exploit the weaknesses we’ve identified in their batting lineup. We’ve seen a couple of their key players struggle against spin, so we should capitalize on that with strategic bowling changes.

All-Rounder: Also, let’s not forget the fielding aspect. We should not give away too many easy singles and boundaries. Tightening up our fielding and maintaining pressure can force them into making mistakes.

Wicketkeeper: Speaking of mistakes, we need to capitalize on any opportunities they give us. If there’s a chance for a run-out or a catch, we can’t afford to miss it. Let’s stay sharp and focused in the field.

Captain: Good point. This game is not over, but we need to be smart about our approach. Remember, cricket is as much a mental game as it is physical. Stay focused, play to our strengths, and let’s give it our all. We can turn this around.

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