Infinitives– Know more about them.

An infinitive is a verb form or construction that plays the role of a different part of speech in a sentence.

Although infinitives contain verbs, they cannot function as verbs.

They do not convey a sense of tense on their own, and sentences containing them must include at least one finite main verb.

Forming the Infinitive

Infinitives are formed by placing ‘to’ in front of the base form of a verb. They are negated by placing ‘not’ in front of them.

Verbs can serve the function of nouns by being used in their infinitive forms, that is, the base form of the verb with the particle to.

Infinitives can also act as adjectives and adverbs, but it’s worth looking at how they work when they function as nouns.

For example:

As the subject of a clause


1) To err is human; to forgive is divine.

2) To study mathematics at Nalanda was his ultimate dream.

3) To live in the village means adjusting to a completely different lifestyle.

As the object of a verb


1) I’m not going unless you agree to go with me.

2) You appear to be a joker.

3) Please be quiet; I’m trying to study.

As an object complement

An object complement is a word or group of words that describe, rename, or complete the direct object of the verb.


1) I don’t expect you to approve of my proposal.

2) She’s forcing me to work throughout the year.

3) We need you to make a few more parcels.

In Brief-

Infinitives can be used as nouns, adjectives, or adverbs in a sentence, but they do not actually function as verbs—they are used to express an action as a concept, rather than what is being done or performed by the subject of a clause.

For example:

I love to run. (functions as a noun)

I wish I had something to do. (functions as an adjective)

I run a lot to stay healthy. (functions as an adverb)

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Do solve online test based on infinitives.

Read the given sentence.

See if infinitive is needed.

Select the correct alternaitive.

Submit your answers and click on view score.

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