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Std XI Annual Activity Sheet

Std XI Annual Activity Sheet- Do solve it


Std. XIMarks : 80

Section I – Prose

Q. Read the extract and complete the activities given below. (12)

‘There’s been a row,’ he said, down by Cinder Wood. There was a chap there snaring rabbits, and Tom was walking with the Boormans and me and old Crotch. We heard a noise and there…It was too dark to see who it was, and directly he saw us he made off but we’d scared him, and he let fly with his gun…               

‘Tom’- said Mrs. Adis.    

The keeper had forgotten his guard, and before he could prevent her she had flung open the door.               

The men outside had evidently been waiting for the signal, and they came in carrying something, which they put down in the middle of the kitchen floor.                 

‘Is he dead?’ asked Mrs. Adis without tears.               

The men nodded. They could not find a dry voice like hers.               

In the shed Peter Crouch had ceased to sweat and tremble. Strength had come with despair, for he knew he must despair now. Besides, he no longer wanted to escape from this thing that he had done. Oh, Tom;- -and I was thinking it was one of the keepers. Oh, Tom.               

And it was you that got it-got it from me; I don’t want to live!               

And yet life was sweet, for there was a woman at Ticehurst, a woman as faithful to him as Tom, who would go with him to the world’s end even now. But he must not think of her. He had no right: he must pay with his life for what he had done.    

Mrs. Adis was sitting in the old basket armchair by the fire. One of the men had helped her into it.               

‘We’ll go round to lronlatch Cottage and ask Mrs. Gain to come down to you.’                 

‘This is a terrible thing to have come to you, and as for the man who did it-we’ve a middling good guess who he is, and he shall hang.’               

‘We didn’t see his face, but we’ve got his gun. He threw it into a bush when he bolted and I swear that gun belongs to Peter Crouch who’s been up to no good since the day he was sacked for stealing corn. ‘But he couldn’t have known it was Tom when he did it, he and Tom always being better friends than he deserved.’

A1. True or False (2) 

Rewrite the statements and state whether they are true or false.                                                        

1) The thief was stealing wood.

2) Tom was not dead.

3) Peter Crouch repented for killing Tom.

4) The keepers wanted to bring Mrs. Gain to give company to Mrs. Adis.

A2. Mention (2)

Peter Crouch learnt that he had killed his friend Tom. Mention his reactions.

A3. Give reasons  (2)

The keepers suspected Peter Crouch for doing the crime. Give its reasons.

A4. Personal Response  (2)

After knowing that he had killed his friend Tom, Peter Crouch should ——————

(Complete the statement giving your opinion)

A5. Language Study  (2)

1) Mrs. Adis was sitting in the old basket armchair by the fire.

(Choose the correct transformation of this sentence into past perfect continuous tense)

i) Mrs. Adis sat in the old basket armchair by the fire.

ii) Mrs. Adis is sitting in the old basket armchair by the fire.

iii) Mrs. Adis has been sitting in the old basket armchair by the fire.

iv) Mrs. Adis had been sitting in the old basket armchair by the fire.

2) It was too dark to see who it was.

(Choose the alternative showing the correct replacement of ‘too——-to’)

i) It was so dark that they could see who it was.

ii) It was so dark that they could see who it was not.

iii) It was so dark that they could not see who it was.

iv) It was so dark that they could to see who it was.

A6. Vocabulary  (2)

Write antonyms for the following from the extract.

1) allow              

2) hope               

3) unfaithful                      

4) alive

(B) Language Study (Do as directed)  (4)

a) We have been in Sector 9, Jalgaon —————1990.

(Rewrite the sentence using correct word)

1) from               

2) about              

3) since               

4) for

b) The information ————- be true. I do not know.

(Rewrite the sentence using correct auxiliary)

1) should            

2) must               

3) ought to        

4) can

c) Listen, someone (will be sung / singing / is singing / sings) a song.

(Rewrite the sentence choosing the correct verb form)

d) Spot the error.

The electricity is cheap than coal.

(Spot the error and rewrite the correct sentence.)

Q.2. (A) Read the first activity. Read the extract and then do all the activities.  (12)

         The story of Hiwaree Bazaar that began in 1989 will repeat itself in   these 38 villages in the years to come. But being named ‘AdarshGaon’  is far from easy. Villages had to give a proposal after which a committee headed by Mr.Pawar inspected the villages. “ The villages had to show dedication in the struggle to fight mediocrity. They had to follow all the conditions of becoming an ‘Adarsh Gaon’. We choose villages with a revolutionary spark,”Mr. Pawar says.          
Villages need to follow strict rules. The process begins with effective water management through the watershed technique and water auditing, taking responsibility of the village’s natural resources—planting trees and stopping grazing, contributing labour for the village work, and then expanding to bring about behavioural changes in the people for harbouring social change. Hiware Bazaar is free of any kind of addiction and there are no liquor or tobacco shops in the village. Vasectomy has been made compulsory, as is the pre-marital HIV test.          

The ‘Adarsh Gaon’ model prides itself of being based on the joint decisions made by the Gram Sabha, where all the villagers are present. Even while selecting the new villages under the scheme, Mr.Pawar made sure that the decision to become ideal village was taken by the entire village together.           

The greatest victory for Hiware Bazaar so far has been the reverse migration that the village has witnessed since 1989. As many as 93 families have come back to the village, “from the slums in Mumbai and Pune” Mr. Pawar says. The village of  216 families was completely below poverty line (BPL) in 1989; now it has only three BPL families.

A1 Choose  (2)

Choose the two most appropriate sentences showing the theme of the extract:

1) The extract narrates the success story of Hiware Bazaar.

2) The extract highlights the problems of ideal villages.

3) The extract describes the process of selecting ideal villages under AGY scheme.

4) It is about the tree plantation.

A2. Describe (2)

Describe the reverse migration held in Hiware Bazaar.

A3. Explain  (2)

“The villages had to show dedication in the struggle to fight mediocrity” Explain it in about 50 words.

A4. Personal Response:  (2)  

Write any four suggestions for changing Indian villages into ideal villages.

A5. Language study (Do as directed.) (2)                                                                                                      

(1) They had to follow all the conditions of becoming an Adarsh Gaon.

(The correct use of infinitive is-)

i) They had following all the conditions of becoming an Adarsh Gaon.  

ii) They had to follow all the conditions of become an Adarsh Gaon.

iii) They had to follow all the conditions to becoming an Adarsh Gaon.

iv) They had to follow all the conditions to become an Adarsh Gaon.                                      

2) There are no liquor or tobacco shops in the village.

(The correct use of ‘Neither —nor’ for this is———-)  

i) There are liquor neither nor tobacco shops in the village.

ii) Neither there are liquor nor tobacco shops in the village.

iii) There are neither liquor nor tobacco shops in the village.

iv) There are neither nor liquor or tobacco shops in the village.                                        

A6. Vocabulary   (2)

        Match the words in column ‘A’ with their meanings in column ‘B’

Column ‘A’Column ‘B’
i) harboura) causing a great change
ii) grazeb) nurture
iii) resoursesc) feed cattle
iv) revolutionaryd) assets available

Q. 2 (B) Summary  (3)

Write a summary of the above extract and suggest a suitable title:

Hints- Hiware Bazaar-ideal village -the process of selecting villages under AGY etc.

Q. 2 (C) Mind mapping :  (3)

Develop a ‘Mind Mapping’ frame /design to show the ‘Benefits of Exercise to the students’.

   Section II – Poetry

Q.3(A) Read the extract and complete the activities given follow.  (4)

Between Nose and Eyes a strange contest arose, –
The spectacles set them unhappily wrong;
The point in dispute was, as all the world knows,
To which the said spectacles ought to belong.
So Tongue was the lawyer, and argued the cause                       
With great deal of skill, and a wig full of learning;
While Chief Baron Ear sat to balance the laws,                       
So famed for his talent in nicely discerning.
‘In behalf of the Nose it will quickly appear,
And your lordship,’ he said, ‘will undoubtedly find,
That the Nose has had spectacles always in wear,
Which amounts to possession time out of mind.’                    
Then holding the spectacles up to the court,
‘Your lordship observes they are made with a straddle
As wide as the ridge of the Nose is; in short,                                                          
Designed to sit close to it, just like a saddle.

A1. Complete    (2)                                                                                                                                                 

Complete the information

Reason of disputeDispute in betweenLawyerJudge

A2. Give reason   (2)

The ear was appointed as the judge. Give its reason.

A3. Personal Response  (2)

Name the any two sensory organs and provide phrases/idioms/proverbs related to them.

A4. Poetic Device     (2)

Find and write one example of – Inversion and Metaphor from the extract.

A5. Poetic Creativity   (2)

Compose four lines of your own on any sensory organ.

Q.3 (B) Read the poem and write its appreciation.   (4)

There is another sky,
Ever serene and fair,
And there is another sunshine,
Though it be darkness there;
Never mind faded forests,
Austin, Never mind silent fields—
Here is a little forest,
Whose leaf is ever green;
Here is a brighter garden,
Where not a frost has been;
In its unfading flowers
I hear the bright bee hum:
Prithee, my brother,                    
Into my garden come!
Section III – Writing Skill

Q. 4 A) Write answer of any one of the following.    (4)

1) Write a complaint letter regarding irregular electric supply in your locality.                                 

Use the following points:
a) Duration of the problem    
b) Its impact      
c) Request to solve the problem


2) Write an e mail to the bookseller ordering books. Use the following points.  

e mail address: bookseller@gmail.com, Give names of books and copies. Request to give  discount.

Q. 4 B) Write answer of any one of the following.  (4)

1) Expand the idea inherent in the proverb: ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed.’

Hints:  Explain the concept, give example, message given through the proverb, your opinion etc.


2) Write a blog post in a proper format on the topic: Save Environment                                                 

Hints: Explain the term, give its importance in life, suggest ways for saving the environment.


3) Write a review of any film you saw with the help of the following points in about 100 to 150 words. 

1) Story line  
2) Producer / Director  
3) Music  
4) Casts/Performance  
5) Setting / location  
6) Conflict
7) Message   
8) Action   
9) Weak/strong  points  
10) Your opinion about the film           
(Any eight points)

Q. 4 C) Write answer of any one of the following.  (4)

1) Imagine that you are the president of student council. Prepare an appeal for students to take precautions for avoiding Corona infection.

Hints: Prepare an attractive slogan, make a persuasive appeal, give information, give contact details.


2) Prepare a leaflet for a Driving School to attract customers to join the Car Driving Class.

a) Use persuasive language  
b) Duration – Fees    
c) Use attractive frame    
d) Give contact information


3) Your college celebrated ‘Environment Day’. Write a report of this celebration using the following points.

a) Day and date of the celebration  
b) Arrangement  
c) Environment pledge  
d) Activities conducted


4)Prepare a counterview on the topic ‘ Online classes are not better than offline classes’.

You can take help of the following points in the ‘view’ section. View: Online classes are better than offline classes
a) Online classes give direct contact to all students at their home. 
b) It is modern way of teaching and learning. 
c) It provides good education environment. 
d) Good use of time.

Q. 4 D) Write answer of any one of the following. (4)

1) Write a speech on the topic ‘My Hobby’.

1) Explain the term         
2) Give your hobby         
3) Give its importance     
4) Appeal to pursue a hobby


2) Imagine that you have to conduct an interview of a distinguished personality in the field of business.

With the help of the given table and points draft questions on the given fields associated with the personality.

(Do not change the sequence of the questions)

Name of the Interviewee 
 Area of Success 
 Duration of Interview 
                Questions based on:-Questions
 1.Early life/struggle 
 2.Hurdles in Education 
 3.Role Mode 
 4.Family support 
 5.First Achievement 
 6.Success Plan 
 7.Dreams unfulfilled 


3) Imagine that you are a compere of a ‘Sports Prize Distribution Ceremony’ of your college. Write a script of the same. You can take help of the following points.

1) Introduction                 
2) Welcome speech and felicitation        
3) Lighting the lamp       
4) Welcome song            
5) Main events                 
6) Vote of thanks


4) Prepare a dialogue between you and Bank Manager to open a saving account.

Introductory dialogues, reason for opening account, required document, facilities, concluding dialogues.
Section IV – Drama

Q.5. A) Complete the activities as per the instructions.         

1) Match the period of history and drama.  (2)

1) Medieval Perioda) Romeo and Juliet
2) Renaissance Periodb) An Enemy of the People
3) Victorian Periodc) Pygmalion
4) Modern Periodd) Robin Hood

2) MCQ: Rewrite the sentences choosing the correct alternative.   (2)

a) Earliest seeds of modern Indian Drama can be found in the ——— Drama from the first century A.D.

i) Chinese           

ii) Farsi                

iii) English           

iv) Sanskrit

b) Mahabhasya is written by —————–.

i) Patanjali          

ii) Kalidas            

iii) Bharat Muni                

iv) Anton Chekhov

Q.5. B) Answer the questions given below in about 50 words.   

1) Character    (2)

Write character traits of the character: Prisoner (Ballad Singer)

2) Language  (2)

Read the dialogue and find out who the speaker is, his tone, the style, significance etc. of the dialogue.

“Stop there; that’s no song to be singing in these times.”

Q.5. C) Answer the questions given below in about 50 words.   

1) Plot   (2)

Justify: ‘A Midsummer Night Dream’ is a comedy.

2) Theme   (2)

Discuss the theme of the drama ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.

Q.5. D) Answer the questions given below in about 50 words.   

1) Setting   (2)

The setting of the act is the office of the newspaper ‘The Herald’. Explain how it is the proper background for the theme of the play.

2) Character  (2)

Mayor Peter Stockmann is a contrast to Dr. Thomas Stockmann. Justify. 


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