E-Mail Writing

How to write E-Mail Writing

Points to be remembered- लक्षात ठेवावयाचे मुद्दे

1) E – Mail must be written in the template. Its simple format is given here. Draw such template in the exam.

ई – मेल टेम्पलेटमध्ये लिहिले जाणे आवश्यक आहे. त्याचे सोपे स्वरूप येथे दिले आहे. त्याचा वापर परीक्षेत करा.

2) Write e – mail ID of the addressee imaginary if it is not given.

ज्याला ई मेल पाठवायचा तो जर तो दिलेला नसेल तर काल्पनिक ई-मेल आयडी लिहा.

3) There will be no completion activity for e – mail in the exam.

परीक्षेत ई-मेलसाठी अपूर्ण अॅक्टीव्हीटी पूर्ण करणे असणार नाही.

4) Make sure that your emails stand out because of the content, and not because of sloppy mistakes, poor formatting, or casual language.

आपली ईमेल चांगले लिखाण असलेली हवी. चुका, खराब स्वरुप किंवा अप्रासंगिक भाषा टाळावी.

5) CC-The carbon copy. It is just like the physical carbon copy. CC is an easy way to send copies of an email to other people. If you’ve ever received a CCed email, you’ve probably noticed that it will be addressed to you and a list of other people who have also been CCed.

सीसी- हे फक्त भौतिक कार्बन कॉपीसारखे आहे. सीसी हा इतर लोकांना ईमेलच्या प्रती पाठविण्याचा सोपा मार्ग आहे. आपणास कधीही सीसीईड ईमेल मिळाल्यास, तुमच्या लक्षात येईल की ती ईमेल तुमच्याकडे व इतर लोकांकडेही गेलेली आहे.

6) BCC stands for “blind carbon copy.” Just like CC, BCC is a way of sending copies of an email to other people. The difference between the two is that, while you can see a list of recipients when CC is used, that’s not the case with BCC.

सीसी प्रमाणेच, बीसीसी हा ईमेलच्या प्रती इतर लोकांना पाठविण्याचा एक मार्ग आहे. या दोघांमधील फरक असा आहे की, जेव्हा सीसी वापरला जातो तेव्हा आपण प्राप्तकर्त्यांची यादी पाहू शकता, परंतु बीसीसीमध्ये तसे होत नाही.

7) Subject Line- Don’t forget to include a clear Subject Line in your email. Use the subject line to summarize why you are emailing.

आपल्या ईमेलमध्ये स्पष्ट सब्जेक्ट लाइन समाविष्ट करणे विसरू नका. आपण का ईमेल करीत आहात याचा सारांश देण्यासाठी सब्जेक्ट लाइन वापरा.

8) Salutation- Use an appropriate salutation.

योग्य अभिवादन वापरा

Dear Mr. /Ms. Chavan or

Respected General Manager

9) First Paragraph

The first paragraph of your email should include information on why you are writing. Be clear and direct.

आपल्या ईमेलच्या पहिल्या परिच्छेदात आपण का लिहित आहात याची माहिती समाविष्ट केली पाहिजे..

10) Middle Paragraph

The next section of your email message should describe what you have to offer or what type of assistance you are seeking for or what kind of problems/ information you want to share.

आपल्या ईमेल संदेशाच्या पुढील भागामध्ये आपण काय ऑफर करायचे आहे किंवा आपण कोणत्या प्रकारची मदत शोधत आहात किंवा कोणत्या प्रकारच्या समस्या / माहिती आपण शेयर करू इच्छित आहात याचे वर्णन केले पाहिजे.

11) Final Paragraph

Conclude your email by thanking the receiver. One line is sufficient here.

प्राप्तकर्त्याचे आभार मानून आपल्या ईमेलचा संपवा. येथे एक ओळ पुरेशी आहे.

12) End: Email Signature- First Name and Last Name OR (XYZ) 

 येथे नाव किंवा XYZ लिहा

E- Mail Writing Example No. 1


E- Mail Writing Example No. 2


E- Mail Writing Example No. 3


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E- Mail Writing Example No. 4

Activity From HSC Board Exam March 2022

Imagine that you are a shopkeeper of gift articles. A customer had given order for purchasing articles, but you have some difficulties for giving delivery in time due to shortage. Write an email to him/her apologizing for the delay.


See answer in word format:

Search Mail: ——————————————-
To: tushar.chavan@gmail.com

Subject: An apology from Horizon Gift Shopee.  

Respected Sir,

I would like to sincerely apologize for the poor-quality service you received from us at Horizon Gift Shopee. We know that we failed to fulfil your expectations.  

I want to apologize for our mistakes when dealing with your order for purchasing gift articles. Unfortunately, your order was delayed due to circumstances outside of our control. We understand the impact that this delay has created problems to you and want to reassure you that it will not happen again.  

You are our valued customer, and we hope you continue to trust us. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to discuss this further.  

Yours Sincerely,
Horizon Gift Shopee,
Reply                          Attachment                          Forward

E – Mail Writing Example No. 5

Draft an E-mail in a proper format to invite a famous and distinguished personality for the “Prize Distribution” programme organized by the college authorities. Give complete programme schedule and details about the event.

Write to: principal.rjc@gmail.com


E- Mail Writing Example No. 6

HSC Board Exam July 2022

You have planned a family trip to South India. You need a leave for eight days. Write an email in a proper format with all its supporting details you wish to include to convince and get your leave approved. (100/150 words).

E- Mail Writing Example No. 7

HSC Board Exam February 2023

You are looking forward to start a Computer Institute in your area. You initially need 20 PCs. Prepare / Draft an E-mail to the city-dealer of DELL Computers demanding a moderate quotation for the same. (in about 100-150 words).


E- Mail Writing Example No. 8

HSC Board Exam July 2023

Draft an E-mail to the owner of ‘Sports Store’. As a sportsman, inquire about your requirements and all the possible supporting information that you wish to acquire from the store owner through E-mail. (in about 150 words).
ComposeSearch Mail:




To: balaji.sports@gmail.com
BCC: ——————————————————————-
Subject: Inquiry Regarding Sports Equipment and Supplies.
Respected Sir,
My name is X.Y.Z, and I am an avid sports enthusiast who frequently shops for sports equipment and accessories. I recently heard about your Sports Store and was excited to learn about the range of products you offer. As a passionate sportsman, I participate in various sports, including tennis, basketball, running, badminton, and volleyball. I am always on the lookout for high-quality equipment.

I would appreciate it, if you could provide me the following instruments.
1) Tennis kits- 10
2) Basketballs- 10
3) Badminton kits- 20
4) Volleyballs- 10
5) Sports shoes- 20

Please provide respective prices and any special promotions or discounts currently available. I am particularly interested in understanding the durability and performance of these supplies. So keep it also in mind.  

I look forward to hearing from you and potentially visiting your store in the near future.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Yours faithfully,

More LabelsSend          Attachments        Forward              

E- Mail Writing Example No. 9

E Mail writing

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