List of Writing Skill Topics

List of Writing Skill Topics

Writing Skill

Writing skill includes the knowledge and abilities related to expressing writer through the written word.

It is the proper understanding of language through grammar, spelling, choice of words, syntax, arrangement of thoughts, punctuation, and use of appropriate templates.

Persons having excellent writing skills can influence others with their tone and word choice. They use advanced writing techniques and keep their readers engaged.

Maharashtra state board includes effective and creative writing skill topics in the syllabus of Std. 12 English.

The List of Writing Skill Topics is as follows-

List of Writing Skill Topics for Std. XII English

1) E – Mail Writing 

2) Report Writing

3) Framing Interview Questions

4) Speech Writing

5) Compering

6) Expansion of Ideas

7) Blog Writing

8) Review Writing

9) Appeal Writing

10) Statement of Purpose

11) Drafting a Virtual Message

12) Group Discussion

13) Summary Writing

14) Mind Mapping

Download the PDF List of Writing Skill Topics.

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Speech Writing

Expansion of Idea

Group Discussion

E- Mail Writing

Drafting a Virtual Message

Mind Mapping

Framing interview questions

Report Writing

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