Annual Planning-Std XII

Annual Planning-Std XII

Annual Planning:

An annual plan contains all the curricular activities to be taken in the specified academic year. It gives a detailed description about the units and sub- units to be covered in each month and the related activities and assignments to be undertaken along with the unit.

However one must note that it is not always possible to follow the Year Plan as it is. This is because there are number of other activities and works in the college. So year plan should be flexible.

Benefits of Year Plan:

The year plan becomes a guideline for the entire academic year. The teacher gets clear picture of syllabus. It helps to give proper time to each unit and sub-unit. It provides reasonable ideas to be work out within the year.

Annual planning allows a teacher to plan on introducing units and lessons in a logical way. The logical sequence of learning is to build on what the student already knows.  Annual planning ensures that concepts are introduced to students in a proper way and it gives successful results. It helps to complete the objectives of learning and learning outcomes in a systematic way.

Working days in the year 2022-2023

MonthWorking days
-First Term Exam10
-Preliminary Exam10

Vacation and HSC Board Exam days are not included here.

Reduced text book topics of 2021-2022 are also included here. If they remain reduced, use the allotted time for internal work or other work.

Reduced textbook topics for year 2021-2022:

1.5 The New Dress2.7 She Walks in Beauty
1.7 Why We Travel2.8 Small Towns and Rivers



1.1An Astrologer’s Day – R. K. Narayan
1.2On Saying “Please” – Alfred Georg Gardiner
1.3The Cop and the Anthem – O’Henry
1.4Big Data – Big Insights
1.5The New Dress – Virginia Woolf
1.6Into the Wild – Kiran Purandare
1.7Why We Travel – Siddarth Pico Raghavan Iyer
1.8Voyaging Towards Excellence- Achyut Godbole


2.1Song of the Open Road: Walt Whitman
2.2Indian Weavers: Sarojini Naidu
2.3The Inchcape Rock: Robert Southey
2.4Have You Earned Your Tomorrow: E. A. Guest
2.5Father Returning Home: Dilip Chitre
2.6Money: William H. Davies
2.7She Walks in Beauty: Lord Byron
2.8Small Towns and Rivers:  Mamang Dai

Writing Skill:

3.1Summary Writing
3.2Mind Mapping
3.3Note – Making
3.4Statement of Purpose
3.5Drafting a Virtual Message
3.6Group Discussion

Other writing skill topics:

1  E – Mail Writing 
2  Report Writing
3  Framing Interview Questions
4  Speech Writing
5  Compering
6  Expansion of Ideas
7  Blog Writing
8  Review Writing
9  Appeal Writing


4.1History of Novel
4.2To Sir, with Love – E. R. Braithwaite
4.3Around the world In Eighty Days – Jules Gabriel Verne
4.4The Sign of Four – Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle

Annual Planning- Std XII English

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