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English Grammar Activity Workbook

Get information of English Grammar Activity Workbook by Prof. Tushar Chavan

English Grammar Activity Workbook


Prof.Tushar Chavan

Rashtriya Jr. College, Chalisgaon

Dist. Jalgaon

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English Grammar Activity Workbook


No.Topic NamePage No.Answer Page No.
1.Kinds of sentences- Simple, Compound and Complex04144
2.Use- Be able to or Can / Could19146
 3.Use- If——not / Unless21147
4.Use – No sooner—than / As soon as27148
5.Use: Hardly – – – when / As soon as32150
6.Use – Not only – – – -but also / As well as35151
7.Use – Gerund / Infinitive38152
8.Make Exclamatory Sentence41152
9.Make Rhetorical Question44153
10.Make Assertive Sentence46154
11.Frame a wh- type question49154
12.Change the Voice52155
13.Direct and Indirect speech61156
14.Change the Degree72157
15.Use Modal Auxiliaries76158
16.Make Negative / Affirmative Sentence78159
17.Use – Enough / so – – – – that83159
18.Uses of Tenses87160
19.Use – Prefer —to95161
20.Either – – – – or98162
21.Use – Neither – – – – nor100162
22.Use of Punctuations102163
23.Use of Prepositions106163
24.Add a Question Tag110165
25.Use of Articles114166
26.Use of ‘so—–that’ / ‘too—–to’118168
27.Nouns and Pronouns123170
29.Spot the error130172
30.Figures of Speech133173
31.Test No. 1 on Grammar177178
32.Test No. 2 on Grammar179180

Features of English Grammar Activity Sheet

1) Good practice workbook.

2) Variety of activities to learn each grammar topic.

3) Simple rules are given to deal with each grammar topic.

4) Rules are also given in Marathi language.

5) Space is available to write answers.

6) MCQ type activities enhance the reasoning ability of the students.

7) All answers are available in the Answer Key section.

8) Covered all the topics useful for the exam.

9) Suitable grammar book for all classes.

10) Useful book for the competitive exams.

11) QR codes are given to see online free resources and quizzes.

How to get English Grammar Activity Workbook

Send money by Google pay or Phone pe

Price Rs. 220

Courier / Postage Rs. 50

Total Rs. 270

Discount is available for buying 25 or more books.

Contact No.

Prof. Tushar Chavan


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English Grammar Activity Workbook

Views about English Grammar Activity Workbook:-

1) To, Respected Tushar Sir,
The author i.e. Tushar Sir has written a very good Grammar Activity Workbook. The rules are explained in simple and in concise manner. I had purchased many grammar book, but I must tell that this Gr Activity Workbook provide complete information & the most imp features of this book are:

  • QR code which you can learn+ give online test
  • All the rules are explained in simple & easy language
  • Difficult topics like Simple, Compound & Complex sentences are easily explained
  • End of the activities Tushar Sir had also mentioned answers on particular page.
    Strictly recommended this Gr Activity Workbook for teachers & students.
    Thank you so much sir for publishing such a wonderful Gr Activity Workbook.
    Khurshid Panthaky 🤗

  • 2) Received the book today. It is found to be immensely useful not only for students but also for teachers.

Prof. Yusuf Sir
Faijpur (Jalgaon)

3) Respected Chavan sir..

I have received the Grammar Activity book. It is very helpful to guide the students and it is also help to one who preparing the competitive exams..You have explained simple rules..really its very good book… I hope expecting so many books from you sir..thank you sir…..

Revatagaon sir from Solapur district

4) Good evening sir I received book
It’s really very useful and easy steps to understand
Thank you so much

Maya kanojia
Dahisar West Mumbai

5) Today,I have received the grammar activity workbook. It is very helpful to guide teacher and students. Thank u so much sir.

Prof. Shafque Benzir Azmat Khan, Yavatmal

6) English Grammar Activity Workbook is really helpful for teachers and students.

Maya Wadekar, Vikroli (East)

7) ENGLISH GRAMMAR ACTIVITIY BOOK फारच उपयोगी आहे. विद्यार्थ्यांना समजून घेण्यासाठी आणि शिकविण्यासाठीसुध्दा. माझे कॉलेज ग्रामीण भागात आहे आणि विद्यार्थी गरीब परीस्थितील असल्यामुळे कष्टकरी वर्गातील आहेत. या पुस्तकाच्या सहाय्याने मी विद्यार्थ्यांना भरपूर माहिती लिहून दिली ज्यामुळे त्यांना घरीच सराव करणे शक्य होत आहे. यामुळे निश्चितच रिझल्ट वाढण्यास मदत होईल.

Navghare Sir

And so many satisfied teachers and students. Thanks to all.




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