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Drafting a Virtual Message

Drafting a Virtual Message

A Message:

A message is a short piece of information that you give to a person when you cannot speak to him directly.

A message is an informal means of communication. The receiver of the message has to go through the given message and pick out the most important points of information.

Then, he/she should be able to reproduce that information in order to convey it to the person for whom it is intended.

Virtual Communication:

We define virtual communication as a mode of communication that includes the use of technology-audio and video to communicate with people who are not physically present in front of us.

Message Writing:

Most often the input for a message comes in the form of a telephonic conversation between two people. It may occur from the conversation between two persons. The virtual conversation is to be converted into a message for a third person. Such messages are written on small pieces of papers called memo-slips. They are called virtual messages.

Points to remember:

1) Write the most important details.

2) Add new  or imaginative information, if needed.

3) Use grammatically correct sentences.

4) Use simple language and avoid abbreviations.

5) Check message before submit or send it.

6) Be friendly and polite.

7) Avoid the words that would create confusion or a chaotic situation.

Format of message:

1) Date

2) Time

3) Name of a person to whom the message is directed

4) Body of the message

5) Name of the writer / sender

6) Write message in a rectangular bracket

7) The word limit of a message should be 50 to 100 words only.


1) Make sure to use the language that is suitable for the reader.
2) Keep the word limit up to 50 to 100 words.
3) Message should be short and to-the-point.
4) Plan before you pen. Just make a list of all the important points.
5) Make sure you double check for grammatical accuracy and spellings.
6) Enclose the message within a box using a pencil or pen.
7) Do not use long sentences in the body of the message.
8) Add sender’s and receiver’s name.
9) Write imaginary date and time.

Examples of Drafting a virtual message:

Activity No. 1

March 2022 – HSC Board Activity Sheet

Q. You are Gopal, a receptionist, in the office of a company manufacturing garments. A sales manager, Mr. Deshmukh visited and handed over the sales report to be submitted to the general manager who was busy attending a meeting.

Mr. Deshmukh: Hello! I am here to submit the available sales report to the General Manager.

Gopal: I am sorry but the General Manager is in the meeting. Can you leave a message for him along with the reports?

Mr. Deshmukh: Sorry, I have to leave immediately to collect the other reports. Please inform the General Manager, that I had to leave immediately and I will see him in the evening at 5:30 P.M. with other reports. Thank you.

As a receptionist draft a virtual message for the General Manager.



March 1, 11 a.m.

Respected General Manager Sir,
Sales Manager Mr. Deshmukh visited this morning. He handed over the sales report. You were busy in the meeting and Mr. Deshmukh had to leave immediately to collect the other reports. So, he left a message for you that he would see you in the evening at 5:30 P.M. with other reports.

– Gopal,

Activity No. 2

Q. You are Aditya. Today you had the following conversation with Pranav, a friend of your elder brother, Arnav:

Pranav: Hello! Is it Aditya?

Aditya: Yes. I’m Aditya speaking. What can I do for you?

Pranav: Well, Aditya! I’m Pranav, your brother Arnav’s friend.

Aditya: Oh, I see. Well, my brother is not here now. So can I help you?

Pranav: Yes. Please convey him that he should bring my ‘Activity Work Book of English’ today in the college. I need it in the class.

Aditya: That’s fine. I’ll do that.

Pranav: Please do not forget it.

Aditya: I assure you about it. I will definitely convey your message to my brother.

As you are leaving for your school, write a message for your brother in about 50 words. Put your message in a box.



20 August,
9.30 a.m.  

Dear Arnav,

Your friend Pranav called up to say that you had his ‘Activity Work Book of English’. He needs it in the class. So he asked you to bring it in the college. Please do not forget as I had assured him to convey his message to you.  

Your brother,

Activity No. 3

Imagine, you have to leave early from home for an interview. Draft a message to convey the same to your friend. Give your own reasons to support your message.



Friday, 23 April, 7 a.m.  


I am leaving home now. I have to leave the home early as I am going to attend the scheduled interview. I forgot to tell you about this yesterday. I feel very bad that I can’t come with you to take the Corona prevention vaccine. I suggest you to go and take the vaccine as per your appointment. I will take it tomorrow. Take care and stay home after vaccination.  


Activity No. 4

First Answer:

Second Answer for the same activity:

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Activity No. 5

July 2022 – HSC Board Activity Sheet

You think of attending a programme on ‘Environment Protection at your college. At the same time, you find it difficult to meet your friend which you have promised. Write a message to your friend convincing about the same. Draft this message in about 100-150 words specifying your own benefits to attend the programme.



22 July, 10 a.m.

Dear Sachin,
I am going to attend a programme on ‘Environment Protection’ at my college Rashtriya Junior College, Chalisgaon on Monday. I will present my project on the given topic. It’s a golden opportunity for me to show my ability. I expect to get the first prize for it. The programme contains different other activities so I will remain busy throughout the day. So, I find it difficult to meet you on Monday. I know I had promised you to meet you on Monday, but I am afraid I can’t fulfil my promise. I will meet you on next time. Sorry.


Activity No. 6

February 2023 – HSC Board Activity Sheet

Drafting a Virtual Message HSC 12th Class Maharashtra State Board

February 2023 Exam Activity

Imagine yourself as Ramesh. You are required to go to Pune to participate in the national level Chess Competition and hence you won’t be able to attend the class-test. Draft a virtual message for your friend Sanket in about 50 to 75 words asking him to convey the reason of your absence to your subject teacher.


20 December
5 p.m.
Dear Sanket,
Happy to inform you that I am going to Pune to participate in the national level Chess Competition. The duration of the competition is 21 December to 25 December. This is a golden chance for me. I have to start my journey tonight to reach Pune on time. Due to this competition, I won’t be able to attend the scheduled class test which is arranged on 23 December in the college. Please convey the reason of my absence to Mr. Pradip Sonawane, our English subject teacher. I will send other details later.

Activity No. 7

July 2023 – HSC Board Activity Sheet

Imagine, you have been late to attend your ‘Piano Class’. Draft a message in about 50 words to convey the same to your Piano teacher.
Give your own reasons to support your message.



22 July, 6 p.m.

Respected Sir,

I attended the Mathematics extra class in the afternoon. So, I have been late to attend the ‘Piano Class’. Please allow me to attend it though I come late. I want to learn Piano as much as I could because I am participating Piano Playing Competition organized by the Rotary Club of our city. I am a regular student and never came late in the past. So kindly ignore my late arrival.

Your student,

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Rajat comes home from school and finds the door locked. Since he has a duplicate key, he enters and finds a note from his mother kept on the table. In it she explains that she had to rush to the hospital with Mrs. Manohar, their neighbour, who had met with an accident. She has also written that he should have the rice and curry kept on the dining table for lunch. He could heat the food in the microwave oven if he wanted to, but he should be very careful while handling the switch.

Draft the message which Rajat’s mother left for him.


26 December
11 a.m.
Dear Rajat,
Our neighbour Mrs. Manohar has met with an accident. I am going to the hospital with her. I have placed the rice and curry on the dining table for your lunch. Heat the food in the microwave oven if you want to.  Be very careful while handling the switch. Pay attention to the food while heating. Switch off the microwave oven properly. Do eat the food completely. Put all the objects in the washing area after your lunch.
Your mother

Using the information given below, write a message which Manu left for his sister, Renu. (Do not add any new information. The message should not exceed 50 words).

Ruhaan rang up-book-reading session-Children Ask Kalam’-Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam-compilation of letters received by him from children and his answers- Oxford Book Store-8 pm, this evening, pick you up-6:30 pm-attend.


1 January
4 p.m.
Ruhaan rang up and informed about the book reading session. It includes reading of the book “Children Ask Kalam”- a collection of letters written to Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam and his answers to them. The session is at Oxford Book Store at 8 p.m. this evening. Ruhaan will come to pick you at 6.30 p.m. Be ready to attend the session.

Imagine, you are not well and will not be able to attend lectures at college. Draft a message in about 100/150 words to convey the same to your teacher. Give your own reasons to support your message.

21 February, 10 a.m.  

Respected Sir,  

I am Anil Jadhav, student of Std. XII, Division A. Unfortunately, I am unwell and will not be able to attend lectures at college for the next few days. I am experiencing fever and headache. My doctor has advised me to take a complete rest to recover quickly. I kindly request your understanding and support during this time. I assure you that I will make every effort to catch up on missed work during my absence.  

Thank you for your understanding.  

-Anil Jadhav




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