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On to the Summit

On to the Summit: We Reach the Top

Ice Breakers:-


Discuss with your partner and complete the web of different activities related to climbing.


Different activities related to climbing are:-

1) Horse trekking

2) Hot air ballooning

3) Parachuting

4) Paragliding

5) Mountain hiking or trekking

6) Caving

7) Mountaineering

8) Hill walking

9) Scuba Diving

10) Skiing

11) Canyoning

12) Waterfall rappelling

13) Glacier climbing

14) Bouldering

15) Ice climbing


There are certain prerequisites for Mountaineering. With reference to the following points, develop a short dialogue between you and your friend about mountaineering.

Points:- Time, Distance, Equipment, Training, Clothes, Mental and physical fitness


I           :- Hi Rahul! How are you?

Rahul :- Hello! I am fine Tushar. Do you know about mountaineering?

I           :- Yes. I collected some information about it from internet.

Rahul :- I too got some information from newspapers and books.

I           :-  Good. Mountaineering is not an easy task. It needs a lot of time to become expert.

Rahul  :-  Yeah. The distance is also important. Initially we can’t cover too much distance on mountains because we don’t have its habit.

I         :- For mountaineering few things like rope, axe, water tumbler, sleeping bags, string, oxygen cylinder, food packets, medicines etc. are essential.

Rahul :- There is need of proper training for security of the mountaineer. We also have to decide in which season we should go for climbing.

I     :- Yes. It’s true. We need to take proper clothes for the mountaineering. Our clothes should help us in the climbing. They should not be too loose. They should not become a problem during our journey.

Rahul :- Mountaineering is also the test of mental and physical fitness. We should pay attention on it also.

I          :- Yes. We have much information now. OK. Good bye.

Rahul :- Good bye.


Activity :-

Develop a dialogue between you and your friend about mountaineering

Answer –

I: Hi, Raghu, What’s up?      

Raghu: Hi, Dilip, I have a good news.

I: What’s it tell me.        

Raghu: I have joined a mountaineering training session.

I: Wow, that’s really great. Raghu tell me something about it

Raghu: I had wonderful experience in the first week of the class itself.

I: Come to the point Raghu don’t beat around the bush.

Raghu: Ok dear, I was taken for an expedition to climb the Zippy point at, Khandala.

I: Zippy point, that’s too high.

Raghu: So what? Distance and time does not matter for a mountaineer. The more the distance and time more the fun.

I: (astonished): what…?

Raghu: They provide all guidance and trained us. We need to wear special clothes and carry certain equipment along with us.

I: Was it not heavy with all these things for climbing?

Raghu: No, as we are trained for physical fitness and mental endurance. I too felt the same before undertaking the expedition but once I started the journey nothing could stop me as my goal of reaching the destination was pulling me towards it.

I: Hats off to you and your determination.

(Written By Prof. Sheela Narsimhan) 


Discuss with your partner the various hazards and risks that a mountaineer / trekker has to face in an expedition.

Answer –

Various hazards and risks that a mountaineer has to face in expedition are:-

1) snowy and stormy wind (blizzard)

2) falling rocks,ice and boulders.

3) high altitude sickness.

4) carry wounds caused due to sliding or falling down.

5) snow bite during stay or journey.

6) unable to Keep in touch with base camp to gain help

7) loose the right path and trap in unknown place.

8) keep the body safe from insects, reptiles and other wild creatures.

9) survive in insufficient or low oxygen area.

10) tolerate hunger and remain thirsty in critical situations.

11) sunburn

12) dehydration

13) co relation in using rope

14) problem of companions’ injury

15) tiredness

Activity given on the Margin of the text book page:


Give reasons for the rope being called a symbol.

Rope is used to climb safely. It connects each mountaineer with other and gives message that they are attached firmly. Rope is the symbol of working unitedly. It converts the individuals into a team. It tides them together. So it is a symbol and it is the symbol of unity.


alternatedchanged places
slopingslanting up or down
summitthe highest point of a hill or mountain
controversyprolonged public heated discussion
pacta formal agreement between individuals or parties
ridgea long narrow piece of raised land hug
embracehold (someone) closely in one’s arms
accordbe harmonious or consistent with
quenchsatisfy one’s thirst
exhilaratedvery happy and excited
galestrong wind
apparentlyas far as one knows or one can see
anchora device or method of attaching a rope or load to the climbing surface to support the climber’s weight
chargedassigned a duty or responsibility to
expeditionan organized journey that is made for a particular purpose
tautstretched or pulled tight
fastenedsecure (or attach) one thing to another
descenta movement in the downward direction
glaciera slowly moving mass of ice (river of snow)
flushedto turn red due to a strong emotional reaction
steephaving a sharp inclination


A1. Summarize to the class in your own words the highly risky and dangerous journey of Tenzing and Hillary from the base to the top of Mt. Everest.


The journey of Tenzing and Hillary was really risky and dangerous. One hour of steady going, they had to pass up a steep line of rocks. They had to climb the snow – covered slope. It caused slanting up and down. By the help of rope, they went over the dangerous ground. They were thirsty and tired. But finally they reached the top of the Everest.   


(i) Complete the web highlighting the feelings/emotions of Tenzing after reaching the summit.

Tenzing’s feelings / emotions after reaching the summit:-


1) Gratitude to God.

2) Placed offerings to God on top.

3) Adjusted flags on summit to show win of man over Everest.

4) Embraced each other to express joy.

5) Red scarf made Tenzing felt that his friend Lambert was with him.

6) Exhilarated for completing the task

(ii) Glance through the text again and explain the qualities of Tenzing Norgay.

     Pick lines that show his unique qualities. One is done for you.


1PatrioticI told colonel Hunt that I was carrying the Indian flag with me and I would like it to on the top with other flags.
2AestheticMy first thought —–gratitude to God
3EmotionalI was wearing a red scarf ——-I remembered him.
4HumbleThe tea smelled kerosene — enjoy it whatever the smell

(iii) Write down the significance of the following in the context of ‘On to the Summit’ :

(i) Red Scarf

(ii) husiar

(iii) Kerosene flavoured tea

(iv) Ice axe

(v) Anchor


1) Red scarf:- It felt Tenzing that his friend who had given it was with him.

2) Husiar:- Means caution. Climbing down needed to be cautious or it might result in the accident.

3) Kerosene flavoured tea :- It was the tea provided by Noyce who in a hurry he brought Kerosene mixed tea to welcome them.

4) Ice axe:-  It is a multipurpose hiking and climbing tool used by mountaineers.

5) Anchor:- The person follows other climbing person has a difficult job both climbing up and down. He connects the other person. It makes the climbing persons remain fixed to any place. Such person is called anchor.


(i) Add suitable suffixes (-tion,- ly, -ment, -ous) and prefixes (un, il, im) to the words given below. One is done for you.


1absolutenonabsolute absolutely
5tightairtight, untightentightly, tighten
6clearunclearclearly, clearance

(ii) By filling appropriate letters in the blank spaces, you will get a past participle from it. Use the word as adjective in your own sentence. One is done for you.

(a) s _ _ n _ d


Word- signed.

1) The advocate took all the signed documents to the court.

2) He must submit the signed photo copy of the documents.

(b) p_ _ z _ d


Word- Prized. 

1) The pen I lost was prized one.

2) M. S. Dhoni’s prized collection includes an Audi car.

(c) f_ _ t_ e n e_


Word- Flattened.

1) You can draw rangoli on flattened soil.

2) The boxer was flattened in the 7th round.

(d) b _ i_e_


Word- Boiled. 

1) We used to drink boiled water.

2) I like to eat boiled eggs.

(iii) Spot the error. One is done for you.

I was not afraid for die that day.

Correct Sentence- I was not afraid to die that day.

(a) Tenzing and Hillary made an pact at the office of P M of Nepal.


Tenzing and Hillary made a pact at the office of P M of Nepal.

(b) I has to bring my ice axe down with me.


I have to bring my ice axe down with me.

(c) Tenzing have spent a night with Camp Eight.


Tenzing has spent a night at Camp Eight.

(d) Pact was signed from Tenzing and Hillary.


Pact was signed by Tenzing and Hillary.

(e) I and Hillary were in no mood of talking.


Hillary and I were in no mood for talking.

(A4) When Tenzing and Hillary reached the summit, Tenzing in utter joy said, “We have done it.” In this sentence the subject (we) is the doer of the action while it (achieving the feat) is the subject. The verb of passive voice is formed by using the correct form of the verb ‘to be’ + past participle of the main verb. Construct the sentences accordingly.

Now carefully go through the changes in both the sentences and do the changes accordingly in the remaining sentences.

We have done it.

It has been done by us.

(a) We made a pact.


A pact was made by us.

(b) I offered silent prayer in my heart.


Silent prayer was offered in my heart by me.

(c) Colonel Hunt gave me three flags.


I was given three flags by colonel

Three flags were given to me by colonel.

(d) I was carrying the Indian flag.


The Indian flag was being carried by me.

(e) I took photographs of Tenzing holding aloft the flags.


Photographs of Tenzing holding aloft the flags were taken by me.

(f) I remembered him.


He was remembered by me.

(g) We spent the night at Camp Eight.


The night was spent at Camp Eight by us.

Activity:- Comparisons

Look at the sentences given below. Find out which one is correct. If the sentence is wrong give reasons.

a. Sunita is the quieter of four sisters.


Wrong sentence. Reason:- It’s a superlative degree and needs the third form or superlative form of adjective (i.e. quietest)

b. Sunita is the quietest of the four sisters.


Correct sentence.

c. Anil’s computer is more new than mine.


Wrong sentence. Reason:-The wrong second form of adjective is used.

d. Anil’s computer is newer than mine.


Correct sentence.

e. I have the wonderfullest mother in the world


Wrong sentence. Reason:- The wrong third form of adjective is used.

f. I have the most wonderful mother in the world.


Correct sentence.

g. Aditi is more carefuller than Mary.


Wrong sentence. Reason:- The wrong second form of adjective is used.

h. Aditi is more careful than Mary.


Correct sentence.

When we compare two nouns, we use comparative adjectives. When we compare more than two nouns, we use superlative adjectives.


a. Milind is taller than John.

b. Zakir is the tallest of the three brothers.

Activity:- Look at the following sentences and observe the changes in the three sentences. Discuss the changes and note your responses:


a. Atul is not as bright as Milind in studies.

b. The dining room is brighter than the kitchen.

c. Anne is the brightest girl in class.


In the first sentence the first form or base form of the adjective is used so it is the sentence having positive degree.

In the second sentence the second form or comparative form of adjective is used so it is the sentence having comparative degree.

In the third sentence the third form or superlative form of adjective is used so it is the sentence having superlative degree.

Activity:- Make a list of adjectives in three different forms of comparison. Use different texts to find these.

Degree forms –

1) Positive + er and est


2) Positive ending ‘Y’ + ier and iest


3) Positive ending ‘e’ + r and st


4) Positive + double the consonant with er and est


5) Positive + more / less and most / lest

BeautifulMore/ Less beautifulMost/Lest Beautiful
QualifiedMore/ Less qualifiedMost/Lest qualified
PromptMore / Less promptMost / Lest prompt
ProperMore / Less properMost / Lest proper

6) Separate words –


Activity:- Fill in the blanks with comparative, superlative and positive forms of the correct adjectives in the brackets.

a. You are very naughty. You are—————- your brother. (clever)


You are very naughty. You are cleverer than your brother.


You are very naughty. You are not so clever as your brother. 

b. The tiger is the—————– animal in the zoo. (dangerous)


The tiger is the most dangerous animal in the zoo.

c. This is——————- road in town. (busy)


This is the busiest road in town.

d. My new house is—————– the one I used to live in. (big)


My new house is bigger than the one I used to live in.

e. He is the——————– boy in class. (forgetful)


He is the most forgetful boy in class.

(C.W.F.) Noyce:

Cuthbert Wilfrid Francis Noyce (31 December 1917 – 24 July 1962) was usually known as Wilfrid Noyce. He was an English mountaineer and author. He was a member of the 1953 British Expedition that made the first ascent of Mount Everest.

(W.G.) Lowe :

Wallace George Lowe (15 January 1924 – 20 March 2013), was known as George Lowe. He was a New Zealand-born mountaineer, explorer, film director and educator.

Online Test No. 1


Marathi Summary of On to the Summit: We Reach the Top

शुक्रवारी सकाळी जेव्हा आम्ही कॅम्प नाईन सोडले तेव्हा मी ठरवले होते की आज शिखराचा कळस गाठायचाच. आळीपाळीने जागा बदलत आम्ही वर चढत राहिलो.       
मा‍झ्या खिशात चार ध्वज होते. आम्ही कॅम्प फोरमध्ये होतो तेव्हा कर्नल हंटने मला ब्रिटन, संयुक्त राष्ट्र आणि नेपाळ यांचे तीन ध्वज दिले. जगातील सर्वात उंच ठिकाणी ते लावण्याचे काम त्यांनी मला दिले होते.       
मी कर्नल हंटला सांगितले की, मी माझ्याबरोबर भारतीय ध्वज घेऊन जात आहे आणि इतर ध्वजांसह मी भारतीय ध्वज ही शिखरावर घेऊन जाऊ इच्छितो. कर्नल हंट यांनी तो ध्वज नेण्याची परवानगी दिली.       
एका तासाच्या सतत प्रवासानंतर आम्ही दक्षिणेकडील भाग ओलांडला. पश्चिम दिशेला आम्हाला खडकांच्या एका सरळ रेषेत जायचे होते. हे हळू आणि कठीण काम होते. त्यानंतर हे शेवटचे साठ किंवा सत्तर फूट उंच ठिकाण इतके धोकादायक नव्हते. पण आम्ही तोच चढण्याचा वेग कायम ठेवला. शेवटी आम्ही लहान व सपाट शिखरावर पोहोचलो.       
शिखरापासून शेवटच्या पन्नास फुटांच्या दरम्यान मी आणि हिलरी वीस फूट अंतरावर होतो. आम्ही दोरीने एकमेकांना बांधलेले होतो. बहुतेक वेळा दोरी सैल होत होती, परंतु जेव्हा आम्ही धोकादायक वळणातून गेलो, तेव्हा आम्ही ती घट्ट केली. ही दोरी एकतेची प्रतीक होती. दोरीने आम्हाला एकत्र बांधले होते. त्यामुळे आम्ही दोन व्यक्ती नसून एक संघ होतो.
मला बर्‍याच वेळा विचारले गेले आहे की, “सर्वप्रथम शिखरावर कोण पोहोचले?” जेव्हा आम्ही शिखर गाठायला लागलो तेव्हा “प्रथम” कोण पोहोचेल याचा विचार मी केला नाही. मला खात्री आहे की, हिलरी पण असा विचार करत नव्हता. चढणे हेच आमचे ध्येय होते.       
मी प्रथम वर पोहोचलो की हिलरी – काय फरक पडतो? आमचा मुख्य विचार असा होता की, आम्ही दोघेही शिखरावर पोहोचावे. आम्हाला एकत्र काम करावे लागले. कोणीही हे काम एकटे करू शकत नव्हते.
जेव्हा आम्ही काठमांडूला पोहोचलो तेव्हा आम्हाला आढळले की, वाद उद्भवला आहे. यावर हिलरी, कर्नल हंट आणि मी चर्चा केली. आम्ही मान्य केले की,  ही सर्व चर्चा बालिश होती. म्हणून आम्ही एक करार केला. दोघांनी नेपाळच्या पंतप्रधानांच्या कार्यालयात त्यावर स्वाक्षरी केली. प्रत्येकाने स्वतःच्या विधानावर सही केली. मा‍झ्या खिशात हिलरी यांच्या विधानाची एक प्रत होती.    
त्यात असे लिहिले होते:
“काठमांडू, 22 जून, 1953.”    
“2 मे रोजी टेन्झिंग शेर्पा आणि मी, आम्ही दोघांनी उंचावरचा कॅम्प सोडला. आम्ही दक्षिण भाग ओलांडला आणि शिखरावर गेलो. आम्ही जवळजवळ एकत्र शिखरावर पोहोचलो. आम्ही आमच्या यशाबद्दल आनंदाने आम्ही एकमेकांना मिठी मारली. त्यानंतर मी टेन्झिंगचे ग्रेट ब्रिटन, नेपाळ, संयुक्त राष्ट्र आणि भारत यांचे ध्वज हातात घेतलेले छायाचित्र काढले. ” (स्वाक्षरी: ई.पी. हिलरी).
इंग्रजीत असाच दुसरा कागद मा‍झ्या स्वाक्षरीचा होता. निवेदनात म्हटल्याप्रमाणे, आम्ही शिखरावर पोहोचलो तेव्हा मी हिलरीला मिठी मारली. मी त्याला म्हटलेले आठवते: “आपण करून दाखवले.” पण हे शब्द आम्ही ऐकू शकलो नाही. आमच्या चेहर्‍यावर ऑक्सिजन चा मुखवटा होता.       
शिखरावर पोहचल्यावर माझ्या मनात देवाबद्दलची कृतज्ञतेची भावना होती. सहा वेळा अयशस्वी झाल्यानंतर, देवाने माझी इच्छा पूर्ण केली. मी माझ्याबरोबर घेतलेल्या वस्तू बिस्किटे, कँडी आणि निळी पेन्सिल देवाला अर्पण केल्या. माझे कपडे आणि उपकरणांमुळे मी गुडघे टेकू शकलो नाही. पण मी मनापासून मूक प्रार्थना केली. ध्वज लावत असतांना हिलरीने माझे फोटो काढले.
मला खूप तहान लागली होती. मी पिण्यासाठी वॉटर टंबलर बाहेर काढला, परंतु मला आढळले की, धातूच्या पात्रात पाणी गोठलेले आहे त्यामुळे मला माझी तहान भागवणे शक्य झाले नाही. मी लाल स्कार्फ घातला होता जो माझा महान मित्र लॅम्बर्ट (1952 च्या स्विस मोहिमेचा नेता) यांनी गेल्या वर्षी मला दिला होता. मी दार्जिलिंगपासून तो परिधान केलेला होता. शिखरावर उभे राहिल्यावर मला त्याची आठवण झाली आणि मला वाटले की, तो माझ्याबरोबर आहे.
खाली सर्व डोंगर आणि पर्वत माझ्यासाठी देवी-देवतांसारखे दिसत होते. खाली असलेली मैदाने नकाशाच्या अनेक तुटलेल्या तुकड्यांसारखी दिसत होती. शिखर एका बाजूला सपाट आणि दुसर्‍या बाजूला उंच आहे. उत्तरेकडे बर्फ, दक्षिण आणि पूर्वेकडील खडक आणि पश्चिमेस हिमवर्षाव आहे. आम्ही पंधरा मिनिटांपेक्षा थोड्या वेळ वर राहिलो. माझा पुढचा विचार सुरक्षितपणे कसे खाली उतरायचे हा होता.
शिखरावर उतरताना मी हिलरीच्या मागे चालत होतो.
जेव्हा आम्ही कॅम्प नाइनला पोहोचलो तेव्हा हिलरी आणि मी काही बोलण्याच्या मन:स्थितीत नव्हतो. आम्ही तिथे सुमारे अर्धा तास थांबलो. आम्ही लिंबाचे पाणी तयार करण्यासाठी थोडा बर्फ उकळला आणि ते प्यालो. आम्ही निघालो तेव्हा आम्ही फक्त झोपेच्या बॅगा घेतल्या आणि बाकीच्या सर्व वस्तू तंबूत ठेवल्या.
कॅम्प आठच्या अगदी वर जिथे इतर आम्हाला पाहू शकतील तिथे मी माझ्या हाताचा अंगठा वर करून यशस्वी झालो हे दाखवले. (सी. डब्ल्यू. एफ.) नोएस (डब्ल्यू. जी.) लोव्ह ने आम्हाला पाहिले आणि त्यांचे चेहरे आनंदाने उजळले. आम्ही कॅम्प आठकडे गेलो. लोव्ह आम्हाला भेटायला आला आणि चहा आणि कॉफीसह सुमारे 300 फूट वर आला.
खाली आम्ही नोएसला भेटलो ज्याने आम्हाला अजून चहा आणला. या चहाला रॉकेलचा वास येत होता. तो चहा घाईघाईने बनवलेला होता आणि काही रॉकेल कप मध्ये पडले होते. पण मला वाटलं की, या सज्जन माणसाने ते आणण्यासाठी खूप त्रास घेतला आहे,  म्हणून वास येत असतांनाही चहाचा आनंद मी घेतला.

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