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Opposite Words

Opposite Words: Antonyms

WordOpposite  Words
Awake           Asleep
Child  Adult
Man  Woman
Modern        Ancient
Rude Polite
Shiny Dull
Skinny           Fat
Tight  Loose
Visitor           Host
Top    Bottom
Truth Lie
Unity Division
Useful           Useless
Powerful      Weak
Honest          Dishonest
Deep Shallow
Friend           Enemy
Ability           Inability
Happy                       Unhappy
Import                      Export
Interior                     Exterior
Maximum                Minimum
Include                     Exclude
Junior            Senior
Above                       Below
Majority                   Minority
Optimist                   Pessimist
Superior                   Inferior
Accept                      Refuse
Civilized                    Uncivilized
Big                 Small
Acquire                     Lose
Ancient                     Modern
Agree            Disagree
Alive              Dead
Barren                      Fertile
Admire                      Despise
Blunt             Sharp
Bold               Timid
Bright            Dim
Broad            Narrow
Care               Neglect
Confess                     Deny
Cool               Warm
Broad            Narrow
Bold               Timid
Clean             Dirty
Cruel             Kind
Domestic                  Wild
Difficult                    Easy
Dangerous               Safe
Dark              Bright
Death            Birth
Debit             Credit
Early              Late
Earn               Spend
Empty                       Full
False              True
Guilty            Innocent
Fine               Coarse
Freedom                  Slavery
Fat                 Thin
Foolish                      Wise
Fresh             Stale
Fear               Courage
Guilty            Innocent
Gain              Loss
Good             Bad
High               Low
Humble                     Proud/arrogant
Honour                     Dishonour
Joy                 Sorrow
Knowledge               Ignorance
Kind               Cruel
Lie                  Truth
Little              Much
Masculine                Feminine
Make             Break
Natural                     Artificial
Noise             Silence
Oral               Written
Pride/arrogance    Humility
Presence                  Absence
Profit             Loss
Prose             Poetry
Quick            Slow
Receive                     Give
Reject           Accept
Ripe               Raw
Rough                       Smooth
Remember               Forget
Rich               Poor
Sharp            Dull
Tragedy                    Comedy
General                    Particular
Victory                      Defeat
Wild              Domestic/tame
Weak            Strong
Wisdom                    Folly
Youth            Aged
Give               Take
Laugh            Cry
Smile             Frown
Buy                Sell
Here              There
This                That
Never            Always
Stop              Start
Wrong                      Right
Tight              Loose
Love              Hate
Throw                       Catch
Yes                 No
Forward                   Backward
Stand            Sit
Lost               Found
Bad    Good
Before           After
Boy    Girl
Even  Odd
Fast   Slow
Full    Empty
Happy           Sad
Hard  Easy
Hot    Cold
In       Out
Light  Dark
Love  Hate
Little  Big
More Less
Night Day
On      Off
Open Close
Tall     Short
Up      Down
Wet   Dry
Brief  Long
Blank Completed
Dim    Bright
Early  Late
Entrance      Exit
Far     Near
Give   Take
Healthy         Sick
Kind   Cruel
Left    Right
Normal         Strange
Opposite      Same
Rich   Poor
Start  End
Natural         Artificial
Thick Thin
Tiny   Huge
Victory          Defeat
Visible           Invisible
Wide Narrow
Ask     Reply

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Activity: Make Opposite words

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Plural forms of Nouns

Activity No.1

Choose the alternative showing the correct negative or affirmative sentence having the same meaning which is given in the sentence.

1) Close the door.

i) Do not close the door.                                            

ii) Does not close the door.

iii) Do not open the door.                                          

iv) Does not open the door.

2) The place is occupied.

i) The place is empty.                                                 

ii) The place is not occupied.

iii) The place is not empty.                                        

iv) The place is not full.

3) They insulted all.

i) They welcomed all.                                                

ii) They did not welcome all.

iii) They did not insult all.                                          

iv) They did welcome all.

4) She does not tell everything.

i) She tells everything.                                               

ii) She speaks everything.

iii) She hides everything.                                           

iv) She expresses everything.

5) Only he can play good cricket.

i) None but he can play good cricket.                        

ii) Nothing but he can play good cricket.

iii) No but he can play good cricket.                          

iv) Never but he can play good cricket.

6) He was always punctual

i) He was always late.                                                

ii) He was not late.

iii) He was never late.                                                

iv) He was not always late.

7) He wants much water.

i) He does not want less water.                                             

ii) He did not want less water.

iii) He does not want much water.                            

iv) He never wants much water.

8) We have won the match.

i) We lost the match.                                                 

ii) We do not lose the match.

iii) We did not lose the match.                                              

iv) We have not lost the match.

9) The area is not wide.

i) The area is narrow.                                                 

ii) The area is not narrow.

iii) The area is always narrow.                                               

iv) The area is usually narrow.

10) Sham won the race.

i) Sham lost the race.                                                 

ii) Sham did not win the race.

iii) Sham did not lose the race.                                              

iv) Sham does not lose the race.



iii) Do not open the door.                                          


iii) The place is not empty.                                        


ii) They did not welcome all.


iii) She hides everything.                                           


i) None but he can play good cricket.                        


iii) He was never late.                                                


ii) He does not want less water.


iii) We have not lost the match.                                              


i) The area is narrow.                                                 


iii) Sham did not lose the race.                   

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