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How to frame a wh question

Learn How to frame a wh question

See the list of wh- words and their uses. Remember the use of each word and frame the question. The underlined words will give you the idea of usage. These underlined words should not be included in the question.

Frame a wh – question to get the underlined words as answer.

See the examples: To learn How to frame a wh question

How to frame a wh question

1) Seema decided to continue a diary.

Ans- What did Seema decide?

2) Sea water contains a lot of salt.

Ans- What does sea water contain?

3) They kill a cat.

Ans- What do they kill?

4) Advertising helps to produce consistency of quality.

Ans- What does advertising help to produce?

5) He decided to hide in his office.

Ans- Where did he decide to hide?

6) She went to Pune yesterday.

Ans- Where did she go yesterday?

7) The bus comes at midnight.

Ans- When does the bus come?

8) Pakistan invaded India in 1983.

Ans- When did Pakistan invade India?

9) Raju kills the tiger because he wants to save his life.

Ans- Why does Raju kill tiger?

10) Seeta failed to bring the heavy bag as she was ill.

Ans- Why did Seeta fail to bring the heavy bag?

11) She gave the book to her friend.

Ans- Whom did she give the book?

12) She performs her duty with joy.

Ans- How does she perform her duty?

13) Patanadevi is 18 km away from Chalisgaon.

Ans- How far is Patanadevi from Chalisgaon?

14) Sachin hides his problem for five years.

Ans- How long does Sachin hide his problem?

15) That was Radh’s book.

Ans- Whose book was that?

16) Sanju had two brothers.

Ans- How many brothers did Sanju have?

20) Poonam buys ten kg sugar.

Ans- How much sugar does Poonam buy?

21) Dhoni can make a century.

Ans- Who can make a century?

23) He will choose that way.

Ans- Which way will he choose?

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