Compering– Learn more about it.

A compere-

A compere is the person who introduces the people taking part in a radio or television show or a live show.

He or she is called as the master of ceremonies, abbreviated as MC or emcee, or the Compere, anchor, announcer, and microphone controller.

He or she is mediator, announcer and coordinator of the event.

‘The Master of Ceremonies’ is an apt description of the anchor as he/ she is the formal host and the felicitator of the event.

There can be a wide range of events – right from highly formal ones like seminars or conferences to informal ones like annual gatherings, fresher’s parties or weddings.

Role of a compere

1) to warm of the crowd and give them an idea about the programme ahead.

2) to glorify the performance of all the performers with his/her appropriate, positive comments and appreciation.

3) to ensure enthusiasm among the viewers with active response in the form of an applause.

4) to make sure that there are smooth transitions between different segments of the programme.

5) to show the skill of stringing or weaving the whole event in one artistic thread.

6) At the same time, if there is any chaos, the compare still has to ensure the smooth movement of the programme.

Activity No. 1 HSC Board Exam – March 2022

Compering script for ‘Sports Day’.

On the occasion of the inaugural function of ‘Sports Day’ you have been the responsibility to compere:
Draft a script of the same.
Use the following points.
1) Brief introduction
2) Lighting the lamp/Inauguration
3) Welcome the guests
4) Chief guest’s address
5) Vote of thanks


1. Introduction

Good morning to one and all present here!

This event will be a memorable event as we all have gathered here to celebrate the Annual Sports Day of our college. The guests have arrived here. Let’s welcome them with a thunder of applause.

2. Lighting the lamp

I call upon the honourable chief guest Mr. Sushil Jadhav, the Maharashtra Kesari wrestling champion, the Principal of our college Mr. Rajesh Patil, the vice Principal Mrs. B. S. Shirsath Madam and the Superviser Mr. S. N. Sangale to light the lamp and garland the photos of Goddess Saraswati.

I request all the dignitaries to take their respective seats on the stage.

Thank you all.

3. Welcome song

Now I request Miss Chaitali Chaudhari and her team to recite the welcome song.

Thanks to all the girls for your rhythmic and musical recitation.

4. Introductory speech 

Now I would request to Vice Principal Mrs. B. S. Shirsath Madam to deliver the introductory speech and tell the intention of this function.

Thank you, madam, for apprising us with achievement of our college in the field of sport.

Thanks a lot Madam. 

5. Felicitation

I extend a very warm and heartfelt welcome to you all, on behalf of our college. Welcome all guests on the stage.

I request honourable Principal Rajesh Patil to welcome the chief guest honourable Maharashtra Kesari wrestling champion Mr. Sushil Jadhav, with bouquet and book, also felicitate with shawl and coconut.

I urge the vice Mrs. B. S. Shirsath Madam to welcome The Principal by offering bouquet.

Thank you, madam.

I request the college representative Miss Sharyu Chavan to welcome the Vice Principal.

Thanks Sharyu.

6. Main event

Now the Prize Time.

1. I request the honourable chief guest to confer the award of sports.

I call upon Rahul Sethi and team to receive the trophy for Basketball.

Manali and team for Kabbadi.

Sandip and team for volleyball.

2. I request honourable principal to confer the award for Best achievement in District level sports championship.

I call upon Mahesh and team to accept the trophy for Table Tennis.

Tushar Chavan for Individual Chess trophy winner.

Now I request to give a huge applause for Sunil Sonawane. He is the sport person of the year as he bagged national trophies in athletics and long jump.

7. Chief Guest’s speech

Now the moment comes to which we are eagerly waiting. I request honourable chief guest Mr. Sushil Jadhav, the Maharashtra Kesari wrestling champion, to guide us with his mesmerizing speech.

Thank you, sir, for your valuable guidance.

8. Vote of thanks

I call upon Mr. Sanjay Rajput sir, sports teacher, to propose vote of thanks.

Thanks Rajput Sir.

Thanks to all for giving your gracious presence for the occasion.

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English learners’ Group


Imagine, you are given an opportunity to compere a programme at your college based on ‘English Language Day’. As a compere, draft the whole programme script deciding the flow of the overall programme. You may take help of the given hints:
1) Introduction
2) Felicitation
3) Main event
4) Vote of thanks
5) Any other important points


Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed faculty, and dear students, a very good afternoon to you all!

Today, we gather here to celebrate the richness and beauty of the English language.

Welcome to our English Language Day program!

Opening Address:

To commence our program, I would like to invite Mr. Tushar Chavan to deliver the opening address and share some thoughts on the significance of the English language in our lives.

Thanks a lot sir for your valuable thoughts!


Now, I would like to invite my friends Rahul, Anil, Madhu, Shital and Keshav to felicitate our Principal Mr. C. B. Pawar, our teachers from English Department and our Chief guest Prof. B. G. Badgujar.

Thanks to all.

Main Event-

Friends! To add a poetic touch to our celebration, we have talented students who will recite some beautiful English poems. Let’s welcome them with a round of applause.

Thanks for the beautiful poems.

Now, let’s have some fun with interactive language games. I invite volunteers to participate in games that showcase the versatility and creativity of the English language. Laughter and learning go hand in hand!

Next up, we have a captivating dramatic performance by our college drama club. This performance highlights the power of storytelling and the impact of language on our emotions and imagination.

Our English Language Day celebration wouldn’t be complete without recognizing the creativity of our students. We will now have a showcase of creative writing pieces, highlighting the diverse talents within our college community.

Guest Speaker’s Speech-

We are honored to have English expert and master trainer Prof. B. G. Badgujar with us today. He will share insights into the evolution of the English language and its role in shaping our modern world.

Vote of thanks-

As we approach the end of our English Language Day celebration, I would like to invite my friend Chirag Patil to express vote of thanks.

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