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The Rising of the Moon

The Rising of the Moon– Know more about it

The Rising of the Moon Drama


‘The Rising of the Moon’ is a story about a ballad singer and a police officer (Sergeant). The ballad singer was a disguised revolutionary hero of Ireland. He brought a change in the Sergeant. Though the Sergeant was a loyal worker of the English government, he gave a chance to the singer to escape.

At the beginning of the drama, three men, a sergeant and two junior assistants, were distributing flyers. It was an advertisement offering a sum of one hundred pounds to capture the fugitive prisoner. It was seen that the Sergeant was tempted to arrest the revolutionary hero to win the reward of one hundred pounds.

After same time a ragged man came there. The man acted as an entertaining ballad singer, but in reality, he was the fugitive prisoner. Both the ballad singer and the Sergeant were talking to each other. During their talk, the ballad singer sang a revolutionary ballad. Here the prisoner, who was disguised Irish hero, was trying to awaken in the Sergeant feelings of Irish unity and patriotism. In the course of singing, the ballad singer deliberately missed some lines, which were supplied by the Sergeant. From this instance, it became clear that the Sergeant had also nationalistic and rebellions sentiments. But these sentiments of rebellion on the part of the Sergeant were stunted by his occupational loyalty to the English government.

At the end the Sergeant understood the reality of the prisoner. But he decided to allow the prisoner to leave and escape. His patriotism won over his duty.

The title – The Rising of the Moon

The title ‘The rising of the Moon’ comes from a popular old rebel song that pointed to the rising of the moon as the signal for the rising of peoples against oppression.

‘द राइजिंग ऑफ द मून’ हे शीर्षक एका लोकप्रिय जुन्या क्रांती गीतावरुन आले आहे. ज्यात चंद्राचा उदय म्हणजे लोक दडपशाहीच्या विरोधात उभे राहत आहेत हे होय.

The main characters of the play represent the two opposing forces in Ireland: freedom and independence, personified by the ballad singer (a Ragged Man) and law and order, represented by the Sergeant.

नाटकातील मुख्य पात्रे आयर्लंडमधील दोन विरोधी शक्तींचे प्रतिनिधित्व करतात. स्वातंत्र्य- ज्याचे प्रतिनिधित्व  बॅलड गायक (एक चिंध्या असलेले कपडे घातलेला माणूस) करतो तर कायदा आणि सुव्यवस्था- चे प्रतिनिधित्व सार्जंटद्वारे केले जाते.


(B) Answer in about 50 words.

(Questions: Plot/Structure/Theme/Setting/Language/Character)

Questions         4 Marks
A1. (Describe/Explain/Compare/Contrast/Name/Discuss)(2)
A2. (Illustrate/Interpret/Narrate/Justify/Find/Identify)  (2)                        

Sample questions with expected answers:

The Rising of the Moon – Questions

Q. 1. Describe the character sketch of the ballad singer.


The ballad singer is in fact an escaped prisoner. He introduces himself as a poor ballad singer. He is an intelligent man with patriotic passions for his country. He is brave person and ready to face the challenges. He changes the approach of the sergeant by continuously singing the ballads in front of him. He successfully brings out the patriotism within the sergeant. He is good man as he promises the sergeant to pay back for his good deed.

Q. 2. Discuss the character – the sergeant.


The sergeant is a loyal British Police officer. In the beginning of the drama the sergeant is eager to arrest the escaped prisoner. He desires to get the reward of 100 pounds. He believes that the whole country depends on police to keep law and order. So he considers it as his duty to maintain the law and order. But at the end, when the man begins to sing the ballads, the sergeant’s hidden patriotism comes out. He sacrifices his reward for the sake of the country and lets the man escape. He is a patriotic Irish man who wished that his country must be free from British hands.

Q.3. Illustrate the theme of the drama ‘The Rising of the Moon’.


The drama presents the activities of the prisoner and the sergeant. It depicts the disguised prisoner and the arrangements to catch him. It reveals the theme about the love for the country and the risk taken for it. It shows the patriotism and rebel against the duty.

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