Appeal Writing

Appeal Writing– Know more about it

Appeal is used to create social awareness among people. It is used to involve people in general social activities. It makes people aware of social problems. It helps to encourage people in trying to solve the problems and to motivate them in taking an active part in the movements, missions, programs, events, or rally etc.

Scheme of Marking:

Convincing language1 mark
Inspiring and motivational message1 mark
Presentation of content2 marks
Total4 marks

How to write an appeal-

1) Use catchy and effective title.

2) Use slogans wherever possible.

3) Be brief. Use short sentences.

4) Use simple language.

5) Address directly to the reader.

6) Seek reader’s participation.

7) Use pictures, symbols etc., if possible.

8) Decorate the appeal using attractive border or shape.

9) Give contact information.

10) Use persuasive language.

Format of an Appeal

1) Title-

Give proper title to your appeal as per the subject of your appeal or purpose of your appeal.

2) Use attractive slogans–

Write attractive slogans to catch the attention of the readers wherever possible.

3) Make a persuasive appeal-

Use your all-persuasive power in this part of the appeal.

4) Tell about the need of cause-

Tell people in convincing words why there is the need of something about which you are appealing. Give detailed programme.

5) Add some of your own ideas-

You can also add some specific regional, cultural or social details as per the need. You can draw a relevant picture, if possible.

6) Give contact details–

Give proper contact details for the willing participants and contributors. Give date, time or venue (Imaginary)

Activity No. 1 (HSC Board – July 2021)

Q. Your college has organised a motorcycle rally to make people aware to save paper and save trees. Prepare an ‘Appeal’ on the topic, ‘Save Paper, Save Trees’ with the help of the following points in about 100/150 words:
  • Convincing Appeal
  • Need
  • Information/facts
  • Famous personality / Guest
  • Venue, date and time


Appeal Writing

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Activity No. 2 (HSC Board – July 2022 HSC Board Exam)

Prepare an appeal on the topic, “Avoid Noise Pollution”, with the help of the following points (100 150 words)
Action plan
Planning and


See More examples in the following book-

Activity Workbook for Std. XII English

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Activity No. 3

Q. Write an appeal for Flood Relief Fund considering the following points.

1) Persuasive appeal

2) Give programme

3) Use slogans

4) Contact Information


Appeal Writing

Activity No. 4

Prepare an appeal on the topic ‘Organ Donation’ with the help of the following points:
• An effective slogan
• Use a logo or a picture
• Organ donation- noble cause
• Appeal to society  


Join the movement- Organ Donation
We are making a history.
Do you want to be a part of it?
If yes, do join us.
We arrange a camp to fill the form and make a will.
You have to donate your organs after your death.
Organ donation is a noble work.
It’s life donation.
Cone one. Come all.
You can make a will to donate your eyes, heart, lungs and other needy organs after your death.
Give information of your will to your close relatives. They can fulfil your desire after your death.
You will remain alive in the form of your organs.
Bless life to others. Become immortal.
Come at Town Hall on Sunday at 9 a.m.
Book your meeting using the contact information.
Rotary Club
Dist. Jalgaon

Activity No. 5

Prepare an appeal inviting the students to respond to the “Voters’ Registration Camp” specially organised by the State Election Commission on the eve of 75 Anniversary of our National Independence.
  • Give appropriate slogan
  • Poor turn-out/low awareness
  • Statement of appeal
  • Arrangement of a special camp
  • Guest/Time/Date/Venue


Appeal Writing

Activity No. 6

Prepare an ‘Appeal’ on the topic ‘Prevent the spread of corona virus’ with the help of the following points-
Wear mask
Hands sanitization
Social distancing
Healthy food


Prevent the spread of corona virus!
Are you aware of the threat of Corona virus?
Do you want to fight with Covid -19?
If yes, do join us.
Help us to make people aware about the precautions to avoid corona threat.  
Ask people to-
Wear mask.
Use hand sanitizer.
Keep social distancing.
Eat healthy food.

If you get information about corona patients, ask them to stay alone and take good treatment.
Make effective use of social media to aware people about the threat of corona virus.
Come to collect masks and sanitizer bottles at City Hall.
Time- 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Rotary club is offering these things free.
Come one. Come all.
Contact for more information:
Rotary club

Activity No. 7

Write an appeal to make people aware of the sound pollution.
a) Make a persuasive appeal
b) Give effects of sound pollution
c) Suggest solutions to decrease sound pollution
d) Add your own points


Sound Pollution Awareness Campaign
Join Us in Creating a Quieter, Healthier Community!

Dear Neighbors,
Did you know that the noise around us is not just an annoyance but a significant health and environmental concern? Sound pollution, or noise pollution, is affecting our lives in more ways than we realize.
Join our Sound Pollution Awareness Campaign to make a positive change in our community!

What is Sound Pollution?
Sound pollution is the presence of unwanted, disturbing or harmful sound in the environment. It can come from traffic, construction, industrial activities, and even social events. The DJ sound is harmful to ears as well as heart. Prolonged exposure to high levels of noise can lead to stress, sleep disturbances, hearing loss, and various health issues.

Take Action!
Simple Steps Towards a Quieter Community-
Use Headphones: Keep music and conversations to yourself in public spaces.
Observe Noise Regulations: Respect established quiet hours and noise limits.
Promote Green Spaces: Support initiatives that enhance our natural environment.
Educate Others: Spread awareness about the impacts of sound pollution and encourage responsible practices.

Together, Let’s Make a Difference!
Join our community in the fight against sound pollution. Take a stand for a quieter, healthier future!
For more information, contact:
Earth Club,
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