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Test on Tenses

Test on Tenses- Before solving the test, know more about tense.


Tense shows the time of action. The different tenses are identified by their associated verb forms.

There are three main tenses in English: past, present, and future.

Each of these tenses can be sub- divided as: simple, perfect, continuous (progressive), and perfect continuous. The perfect type of tense is formed using the verbs of ‘to have’ while the continuous type of tense is formed using the verbs of ‘to be’ with ‘-ing’ form of the verb.

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Structure of tenses

Simple tenses-

1) Simple present tenseS + V(present) + O
2) Simple past tenseS + V(past) + O
3) Simple future tenseS + will/shall/(V in future) + O

Continuous tenses-

1) Present continuous tenseS + am/is/are + V(-ing) + O
2) Past continuous tenseS + was/were + V(-ing) + O
3) Future continuous tenseS + will be/shall be + V(-ing) + O

Perfect tenses-

1) Present perfect tenseS + has/have + P.P.of V + O
2) Past perfect tenseS + had + P.P.of V + O
3) Future perfect tenseS + will/shall + have + P.P.of V + O

Perfect continuous tenses-

1) Present perfect continuous tenseS + has/have + been + V(-ing) + O
2) Past perfect continuous tenseS + had + been + V(-ing) + O
3) Future perfect continuous tenseS + will/shall + have + been + V(-ing) + O

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