Around the world in eighty days

Around the world in eighty days

Around the world in eighty days– by Jules Gabriel Verne

Jules Gabriel Verne:  

Verne was a 19th century French novelist, poet, and playwright. Verne wrote widely popular series of adventure novels. It includes ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’, ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea’  and ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’. Verne is generally considered a major literary author in France and most of Europe. He has been the second most- translated author in the world.

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Major Characters:

1) Phileas Fogg – 

The hero and chief protagonist in the novel. He is challenged by a fellow gambler to go around the world in eighty days. He takes up the challenge. His rationality, calmness, generosity and self-control appeal to the readers.

2) Passepartout – 

He is the employee of Phileas Fogg. He is an honest as well as a comic French man. He is loyal to his master. He is the person who is responsible to win his master’s bet. Passepartout attracts the reader with his loyalty, caring nature, innocence, and his sense of humour.

3) Detective Fix – 

He is the detective. He comes to the wrong conclusion that Fogg is the bank robber and is merely pretending to go around the world when his real purpose is to cheat the law. He tries to capture Fogg. In fact he also travels the world in 80 days along with Fog.

4) Aouda – 

Aouda is an Indian princess who is orphaned at an early age. She has been forced to marry an old King. When the king dies, she has been asked to commit the sacrifice of her life as per the Hindu Tradition of that time. She is rescued by Fogg’s group. She goes back with them to England. She desires to marry Fog. He accepts her proposal.

Minor Characters

1) Sir Francis Cromarty:

He is the Brigadier General. He accompanies Fogg from Bombay to Calcutta.

2) John Bunsby: 

He is the master of the boat Tankadere, on which Fogg, Fix and Aouda travel. John is a skilled sailor who takes the trio from Hong Kong to Shanghai so that Fogg is able to board the San Francisco boat.

3) The Reform Club Members:

The engineer Andrew Stuart, the bankers John Sullinan & Samuel Fallentin, the brewer Thomas Flanagan and Gauthier Ralph and one of the governors Bank of England are Phileas Fogg’s partners at the Reform club.

4) The Parsee Guide: 

A bright looking young Parsee, offers to be the guide on the elephant which will take the travellers to Allahabad. He is a brave and intelligent man and does his job well in conveying the passengers swiftly to Allahabad.

5) Colonel Stamp Proctor: 

At San Francisco Fogg, Fix and Aouda find themselves in Montgomery Street, which is crowded, by the members of two opposing political parties. The opposing members become violent and Fogg’s group is caught in between. A huge fellow with a red goatee, a ruddy complexion and broad shoulders, raises his fist over Mr. Fogg. Fogg is very angry and later these two men even resort to duelling.

6) Elder William Hitch:

A priest boards the train from San Francisco to New York at Elko Station. He is a Mormon missionary, who gives a lecture on Mormonism in Car no. 117 of the train.

7) Mudge: 

He is an American at Fort Kearney station. He offers to transport Fogg and group on a sledge to Omaha station. This skipper of a land craft manages to transfer the group safely to Omaha station in a few hours.

See the Marathi Translation of 4.3 Around the world in 80 days

By: Prof. Deepak Dahake


Novel- Around the world in 80 days

Questions and scheme of marking

Questions to be framed on the elements such as: 







Format of questions-

  • Descriptive questions
  • Expected answer should be in 50 words.
  • Questions will be based only on the novel extract given in the text book.

Actual Questions-

1) Answer the questions given below in 50 words. (2)







2) Answer the questions given below in 50 words. (2)







Please Note:

Questions in Q.5 (C) section are based on textbook content 

4.3 – Around the World in Eighty Days

HSC Board September 2021 Exam Questions-

Q.5 (C) Answer the questions given below in 50 words. (2)

(i) Complete the table highlighting various traits of the following characters in the extract from ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’.(2)

Name of the charactersTraits
(1) Aouda——————
(2) Detective Fix——————


See answer in Activity Work Book for Std. XII English

by Prof. Tushar Chavan

(Page No. 338)

(ii) “We can go around the world in less time by journeying eastward”.

Justify it with Fogg’s journey in the extract from “Around the World in Eighty Days’.(2)


See answer in Activity Work Book for Std. XII English

by Prof. Tushar Chavan

(Page No. 338)

HSC Board March 2022 Exam

Q.5 (C) Answer the following: (4)

(i) Describe how Fix, the detective creates problems for Mr. Fogg arresting him for bank robbery and how Mr. Fogg tries to solve the problem.


See answer in ‘Activity Work Book for Std. XII English’

by Prof. Tushar Chavan

(Contact: 9850737199) –

Activity No.4 (Close answer)

(ii) In what way was Mr. Fogg’s final winning the wager connected with Aouda?


Click the following image to get answers of both questions-

HSC Board 2022 Exam Novel Section

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Questions based on the novel- Around the world in eighty days

Q.1. Describe ‘Time’ as the theme of the novel ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’.


The most important theme of novel ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’ is ‘Time’. We learn that time is changing and either time works for or against the central character. In many cases time fails the plan of the protagonist. But it is also time which brings the winning chance near to this central character.

When Fix’s releases Fogg at Liverpool they reach Liverpool station for London train. They find that there is no train and as 10 minutes ago the train for London had already left. So, they go London by special train but still reaches late. Finally, Fogg wins the bet as he had gained a day while crossing the International Date Line. The final message is that no one controls time. Time proves that all are at its mercy.

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