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Test on Spot the Error

Test on Spot the errorset by Prof. Tushar Chavan

Spot the error includes searching error in words, grammatical usage, spelling of words etc.

Only one error is give in the sentence.

Try to search the error and find out its reason.

Here in the feedback reason is given. See it also.

Words, phrases and sentences can be called the roots of any language. An error in their usage makes understanding difficult. It would be difficult to understand the meaning and sense of such sentences. It may also change the meaning of the sentence.

Hence, we should know that the grammar and syntax of the language. If we get it, we can understand the written text and its expression perfectly.

An Error Spotting Test is to judge any student’s complete knowledge of parts of speech, grammar and vocabulary. It’s also a fun to enjoy. It is useful for refreshing our brain. It is a skill to spot the error.

Online test on spot the error gives us a chance to know our understanding. The feedback gives reasons to see the correction. So do attempt the test.  

Do solve the online tests and spot the error

Online Test on Spot the Error

Choose the correct alternative

Solve ten MCQs

Each sentence has one mark

Click on ‘Submit’ button.

Click on ‘View Score’

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