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How to Make Lesson Plan-Prose

How to Make Lesson Plan-Prose: Guidelines

Lesson Plan

A lesson plan is the teacher’s guide to deal with a particular lesson. It includes the goal (what the students are supposed to learn), how the goal will be reached (the method and procedure) and a way of measuring how well the goal was reached (Ice breaker activities, brain storming activities, activity sheet, homework etc.). It also includes the objectives of learning and the expected outcome.

It is also an outline of the activities of the teacher and students in the class.

Components Lesson Plan

1. General Objectives:

It is the overall knowledge obtained by the student.

2. Specific Objectives:

a) Understanding

b) Application


1) Dramatization

2) Simulation and role play

3) Storytelling

4) Oral Reading

5) Power point presentation

6) Written Composition

7) Reciting a poem

8) Conducting a test

9) Dealing with activity Sheet

10) Pear work

See the actual lesson plan:

Prose Topic: An Astrologer’s Day

Std. XII

Subject: English

Section: Prose

Topic: 1.1 An Astrologer’s Day

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An Astrologer’s Day

Prose Topic: Being Neighborly

Std. XI

Subject: English

Section: Prose

Topic: 1.1 Being Neighborly

Extracts from Text Book Page No. 2 and 3

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Std. XI- 1.1 Being Neighborly

Std. XII – Annual Planning

Std. XI – Annual Planning

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