Annual Planning-Std XI

Annual Planning-Std XI

Annual Planning:

An annual plan contains all the curricular activities to be taken in the specified academic year. It gives a detailed description about the units to be covered in each month and the related activities to be undertaken along with the unit.

However one must note that it is not always possible to follow the Year Plan as it is. This is because there are number of other activities and works in the college. So year plan should be flexible. Annual Planning for the year 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 is given here.

Evaluation of Std. XI:

Theory Exam: 180 Marks   First Unit Test – 25 Marks
Time: 1.30 Hours

First Term Exam- 50 Marks

Time: 2.30 Hours

Second Unit Test – 25 Marks

Time: 1.30 Hours

Second Term Exam – 80 Marks
Time: 3 Hours
Theory Exam: 25+25+50+80=180   Oral Exam: 20 Marks

1) Listening Skill – 10 Marks

2) Speaking Skill – 10 Marks
  Total Marks: 180+20=200   Out of 200 students need to score at least 70 marks to pass the exam.

Annual Planning-Std XI

To decide working days, it is assumed that the admission process of Std. XI will complete up to 30 June.



1.1Being Neighborly
1.2On To the Summit: We Reach the Top
1.3The Call of the Soil
1.4Pillars of Democracy
1.5Mrs. Adis
1.6Tiger Hills


2.1Cherry Tree
2.2The Sower
2.3There is Another Sky
2.4Upon Westminster Bridge
2.5Nose Versus Eyes
2.6The Planners

Writing Skill:

3.1Expansion of Ideas
3.2Blog Writing
3.3E – Mails
3.5Film Review
3.6The Art of Compering

Other writing skill topics:

Letter Writing
Report Writing
View – Counter view
Appeal Writing
Leaflet Writing
Dialogue Writing
Speech Writing
8Summary writing
9Note making
10Mind Mapping


4.1History of English Drama
4.2The Rising of the Moon
4.3Extracts of Drama
(A) A Midsummer – Night’s Dream
 (B) An Enemy of the People

Annual Planning-Std XI -EnglishFor 2023-2024

Download the Annual Planning:

Annual Planning-Std XI in pdf

Click on the following download button. After 15 seconds new pop up will open. If pop up is blocked, click on it and unblock it. Click again download button. You will get the PDF file.

If you cant download the pdf of Annual Planning-Std XI 2023-2024, download it by clicking on the following download button.-

From the year 2022-2023, there are no reduced topics. All the topics should be considered to make annual planning-Std XI. For annual exam complete syllabus should be considered so all text book topics are important for the final exam.

Annual Planning-Std XI -EnglishFor 2023-2024

Working days for teaching and evaluation in the year 2023-2024

MonthWorking days
September- Teaching21
-First Unit Test04
October – Teaching14
-First Term Exam10
January- Teaching22
-Second Unit Test04
– Annual Exam10
– Oral Exam04
April- Assessment + Result work21

Vacation and HSC Board Exam days are not included here. During HSC Board Exam, students will be given study leave. There will be no teaching for students. Diwali vacation is considered in between September and October month.

Reduced text book topics of 2021-2022 are also included here. If they remain reduced, use the allotted time for internal work or other work.

Reduced textbook topics for year 2021-2022:

1.1 Being Neighborly2.6 The Planners

Annual Planning-Std XI -EnglishFor 2022-2023

Annual Planning– Std XI English

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Download the PDF of Std. XI – Annual Planning 2022-2023

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Download the annual planning 2023-2024 in pdf



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