Online test on Adjectives

Online test on Adjectives

Adjective: The word that describes a noun is called adjective.

Adjectives can be of many kinds.

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Few of them are as follows-

Adjective of quality:

It tells us about a particular kind or quality of a noun.


clever man

happy child

angry voice

Adjective of quantity:

It tells us the quantity or number of nouns.


six songs

four records

some food

Possessive adjective:

It shows that something belongs to someone.


my sons

his bag

her car

Demonstrative adjective:

It helps us to point at things.


these films

that man

this pen

Online test on Adjectives: Do solve the test.

Adjectives are given in the bracket. Unscramble the given adjectives and write it in the space given in the test.

Try to write the adjective word in small letters.

Solve all ten sentences.

Click on ‘Submit’ button

Click on ‘View Score’

See your score

Online Test No. 1

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